Katrina Law: NCIS, Hallmark movies & the other roles

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Since NCIS, the TV series about Naval Criminal Investigative Service has returned with its 20th season, people have been looking deep inside the cast, trying to recall where they have seen the actors in the series. And one of the most googles names is Katrina Law, the actress interpreting Jessica Knight since season 18: her role stands out, and we surely remember her face as part of the cast in other popular movies and TV shows. In this article, we will discover more about her.

You can find the opening credits of NCIS season 20 here on Youtube.

Katrina Law, where have we seen her: from NCIS to the Hallmark movies

Katrina Law is an American actress, active since 2000; she’s 37 at the moment of the release of NCIS season 20. She’s mostly known for her roles as Nyssa in the TV series Arrow. You can find a selection of her best fight scenes below.

Katrina Law is also Mira in the Starz series Spartacus (you will remember her in this iconic scene), Quinn Liu on Hawaii Five-0, and Karen in The Oath (here is a collection of the scenes fans loved most).

She played also in many movies, and people were particularly interested in the television movies she played for Hallmark Channel: she was in 2013’s Snow Bride, 2020’s Christmas with the Darlings, and she was Anna in 2015’s12 Gifts of Christmas. Do you remember her now?

Besides many other relevant appearances in movies and TV shows, Katrina Law is now mainly recognized for her role in the NCIS series. And her character came up so well that it will also appear in the NCIS: Hawai’i spin-off soon. In the meanwhile, you can discover the full list of her roles on the dedicated Wikipedia page.

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