American Horror Story cast: Isaac Powell aka Theo

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American Horror Story is one of the most beloved TV series for all horror fans worldwide. The show was a massive success since the first season, out in 2011, and year after year, it gained more and more viewers. In 2022, the 11th season AHS: NYC was out, and people enjoyed the episodes again. There was much curiosity around the cast, and one character, in particular, raised everybody’s attention: the actor playing the photographer Theo Graves. His name is Isaac Cole Powell, and today, we’ll discover more about him.

You can find the teaser trailer of American Horror Story season 11 here on Youtube.

American Horror Story, the cast: who’s Isaac Cole Powell, and where have we seen him?

Isaac Cole Powell is an American actor and singer, active since 2015. At the moment of the release of AHS: NYC, he’s 27. He’s primarily famous for his performances in musicals, like his role playing Daniel in the Broadway revival of the musical Once on This Island. You can watch one of the songs from the musical in the video below.

"Some Girls" Music Video

Isaac Powell also played in another popular Broadway musical, West Side Story (you can watch him in this video). He was also part of the ensemble on the famous musical Mamma Mia!, based on the songs published by ABBA.

His role in American Horror Story is his most significant presence in TV shows so far. Before that, he had a minor role in AHS‘s previous season, and he also appeared in one episode of Modern Love, the TV series released on Amazon Prime in 2019.

His performance as Theo Graves caught the attention of the series’ fans, who wanted to know more about his career and personal life. We will see him also in the upcoming movie Cat Person, which is now in the development phase. While waiting for his new performances on the screen or in the theatres, we can explore the complete list of his roles on the dedicated Wikipedia page.

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