Fall Into Me: the song in the Kay Jewelers commercial

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In the fall of 2022, Kay Jewelers made a commercial that caught everybody’s attention: the story of an interracial couple going from engagement to wedding, with a beautiful line that says, “celebrate every kiss”: the idea is that every day could be worth a celebration, an approach that obviously would benefit the jewelry brand. The background song of the commercial raised people’s curiosity: its name is Fall Into Me, and we’ll discover more in this article.

You can watch the original Kay Jewelers commercial here on Youtube.

Fall Into Me: the song in the 2022 Kay Jewelers commercial

The song featured in “Every Kiss,” the commercial released by Kay Jewelers in the fall of 2022, is Fall Into Me by Forest Blakk. You can find the official music video below.

Forest Blakk - Fall Into Me (Official Music Video)

Forest Blakk is a Canadian singer-songwriter, active since 2015. He got famous also in the United States with If You Love Her, featuring Meghan Trainor. Fall Into Me is extracted from his EP Every Little Detail, released in 2021. And the music video is a heartbreaking love story in the “Beauty and the Beast” style.

The lyrics you hear in the 2022 Kay Jewelers commercial are the following:

You said close your eyes
Don’t look down

Fall into me
And I’ll catch you, darlin’
We’ll dance in the street
Like nobody’s watching
It’s just you and me
And the song on repeat in my head

It’s simply a sweet love song with a peaceful melody, the perfect accompaniment for the Kay Jewelers commercial and the story depicted in the ad.

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