Taylor Swift, Midnights: the Prime football teaser video

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There has been a considerable wait for the release of the new album by Taylor Swift, Midnights. And with the release, fans have been looking forward to the teaser video shared on Amazon Prime Video during Thursday Night Football on October 20, 2022. Those who missed the teaser that night can still watch the video: let’s see how.

You can find the early lyrics shared by Taylor Swift before the album release here on Auralcrave.

Where can you watch the football teaser video for Midnights by Taylor Swift, shared on Amazon Prime?

Those who missed the teaser video for Midnights, the new album by Taylor Swift, as shared on Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime, can watch it directly from Taylor Swift’s dedicated tweet. You can find it below.

The singer is in perfect shape, and her look recalls the teaser commercial shared by her on TikTok, with the lyrics from the song Vigilante S**t:

Draw the cat eye sharp enough to kill a man

The line refers to the killer look she has when she makes up in that specific way, with the cat eye. As the same song confirms in the lyrics, “they say looks can kill, and I might try.” And that’s already a viral line from Taylor Swift’s last album Midnights.