The art of Congolese Rap

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Sam Samouraï, real name Josué Ulrich Mbemba, is a popular Congolese rapper, songwriter, and composer noted for his “Sapo gang” style. The unique musical style known as “sapology” blends rap with the skill of dressing well known as la sape. One of the most well-known figures in modern Congolese culture, he was born on July 19, 2000, in the city of Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo.

He fell in love with music at a young age, and by 2007 he had developed a talent for rapping. He is well-known for his musical performances in venues like the French Institute of Congo and on the streets where he is often recognized.

The term “La Sape“, an acronym for “Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes” (French for “Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People”), refers to a subculture that thrives in the cities of Kinshasa and Brazzaville in the Congo. A follower of this subculture is called a sapeur (male) or sapeuse (female). The trend is representative of the refined taste and refined demeanor of the dandies of colonial times.

To thrill music listeners and inspire them to learn more about La Sape’s history in the Congo and the rest of the world, Samouraï routinely includes rap and sape in his musical compositions. But just who is the stylish new star of the Congolese rap scene?

Successful Artist

His incredible rhythm and productions set him apart as a very unique musician that draws heavily from hip hop. Despite the fact that he has just recently become a public figure (about two years), Sam Samouraï, with his Sapo Gang style, is considered a leader in the Congolese rap business and is already known for multiple hit songs like his “Sapo Gang” series.

The young artist joined forces with MG Studio Production in 2019 and is under contract with them. The public welcomed the young rapper with open arms when he released his first track “Sapo gang part 1” in April of 2020.

Three months later, he would return to the top of the podium with a new track titled “Sapo gang part 2,” which racked up thousands of online views and gained a lot of positive feedback both in Congo and abroad, skyrocketing Sam Samouraï’s musical career.

After months of anticipation, the musician’s most recent track, “La Boulangerie,” was released. A little over six months after “Sapo gang part 4” was released, fans could finally download this song.

Sam Samouraï displays his lyrical skill and incredible flow in a music video shot in Brazzaville and Kinshasa. When it comes to Congolese art, he constantly emphasizes his status as the head honcho. He claims, “I’m a true baker,” alluding to his ability to crank out hits with the same frequency with which a baker turns out loaves of bread.

Entertainment Ambassador

The tactic of enlisting the help of well-known people is becoming more common in the iGaming sector. Among the elite in this field are Nicki Minaj, Mike Tyson, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Sam Samouraï is the newest addition to the ever-expanding roster, taking the spot as brand ambassador for Congo’s Paridirect. Before this, the musician served as a spokesperson for three other major Congolese companies: Les Brasseries du Congo, MTN Congo, and Orca Congo.

Sam was ecstatic to accept the position of ambassador for the premier online sports betting company in the nation. So far, he has been successful in raising awareness of this Congolese sports betting firm at gatherings like Brazzaville’s annual Urban Brazza Festival.

More than half of the Congolese population partakes in sports bets, making Congo’s gambling industry the second-fastest expanding market in Africa. The most popular form of gambling in the nation is Pari-foot, a local slang name for football betting.

Role-Model for Children

Sam Samouraï has also been nominated by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)as an ambassador for children’s rights in the Congo, demonstrating that he is more than simply a musician; he is also a humanitarian. Congo’s UNICEF representative Chantal Umutoni made the announcement on September 8th in honor of International Literacy Day.

This musician was recognized for his rendition of Rapha Bounzéki’s song “A l’école,” which earned him the nomination. The musician encourages everyone to get an education in the song. “By taking on this new role of Champion for Children’s Rights, Sam Samouraï will lend his voice and talent to raise awareness among the Congolese public about the rights of Congolese children, promote their rights at every opportunity, and thus contribute to ensuring that every Congolese child can fully enjoy all of their rights,” said Chantal Umutoni.

Sam Samouraï responded by saying “Every child has the right to an education, regardless of age and social status. Children and young people are full of talent and imagination. They are the future of tomorrow. I spend whole days listening to them. And I think I know what they need. I would really like to do my utmost to be able to help them.”


Greatly talented individuals rarely go unnoticed, but with such amazing style, musical versatility, and great personality, Josué Ulrich Mbemba a.k.a. Sam Samouraïï is sure to stay at the forefront of Congo’s entertainment stage for a long while. With tours being planned for Europe, he might even bring his Sapo-gang style to an international audience.