Wild Child: the song in The Gray Man ending credits

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The Gray Man rapidly became one of the most successful movies on Netflix. The Russo brothers, who directed the movie, started thinking about a sequel already a few days after the official release. The viewers enjoyed the movie’s action, but not only that: the musical selection stood out, and many people wanted to discover more about the soundtrack. We have already explored Silver Bird, the main song in The Gray Man, and in this article, we will delve into the rock track on the movie ending credits.

In this article, you can read our analysis of Silver Bird, the main piece in The Gray Man soundtrack. Whereas here, you find the official trailer of the movie.

What’s the song in The Gray Man‘s closing credits?

The song featured during the end credits of The Gray Man is Wild Child by The Black Keys. You can find the track in streaming below.

The Black Keys - Wild Child (Official Music Video)

Wild Child is the first single released from their 2022 album Dropout Boogie. The Black Keys released it in March 2022, quickly becoming one of their most famous tracks ever made.

The song’s lyrics are about the singer’s attraction for a “wild child,” which refers to a young, free spirit. The protagonist warns the young girl: her heart is pure, and he could represent a threat. Below you can find the first lines you can hear in the song:

I’m just a stranger
With a twisted smile and a wandering eye
Your heart is in danger
Come close now, let me tell you a lie

Wild child
You got me runnin’ through the turnstile
Baby girl, we better make it worthwhile
You’re gonna get my love today, yeah

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