Bailey Zimmerman new song? Never Leave, the lyrics

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For country music lovers, Bailey Zimmerman is an Achilles’ heel. Every time he releases a new song, the whole community drowns in their emotions. It already happened recently with Rock and a Hard Place, which kept all fans in the pleasure of waiting for weeks before the official release. And it’s probably happening again: although he didn’t officially hint at the release of any new song, Bailey recently shared a new audio on TikTok with a snipped of an unreleased track, Never Leave. And since July 2022, fans just can’t wait to understand if and when he will release it. Let’s discover together everything we know so far about this song.

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Is Never Leave Bailey Zimmerman’s new song?

The American singer shared the snippet of Never Leave at the beginning of July on TikTok. It’s unreleased, Bailey Zimmerman didn’t announce it officially as a new song, but thousands of creators have reused the song already in the first few days. You can find it featured in the video below:


Writing notes for my patients while listening to this was not the best idea

♬ Never Leave – Bailey Zimmerman

People definitely love the tune, and they are all tagging Bailey Zimmerman with the request to release it. The artist hasn’t answered yet, but it may be a matter of days. For his last single, Rock and a Hard Place, he slowly prepared his fanbase for the release with frequent posts of the song, already weeks before the official release.

You will find updates in this article whenever we have official information. Meanwhile, we can already enjoy the lyrics we hear in the snippet. You can find them below.

Never Leave: the available lyrics

Here you find the lyrics available so far:

Yeah we’re only human
But that don’t mean that we can’t change
I can hurt you
You can hurt me
But we feel each other’s pain

And that’s what makes us human
That I could break your heart in two
And I still love you through all the days We’ve been getting through

For both our sakes, let’s put love back in its place

As it already happened for Bailey Zimmerman’s latest singles, the meaning behind the lyrics seems to be the pain related to love, possibly connected to the breakup he experienced recently. You can find more on this in our analysis of his latest song.

To know more, we will have to wait for new song lyrics shared by Bailey Zimmerman. But waiting can again be a pleasure.

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