Stranger Things, what’s Eddie Munson guitar? Buy it here

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One of the most epic scenes of the whole Stranger Things series is the one in the end of the season 4, where Eddie Munson plays his guitar in one of the most awaited scenes of the season. The song he plays is the one we already unveild here, Master Of Puppets. ut there is another big question that arose after the end of season 4: what really is the guitar that Eddie Munson plays? And most important, can I buy it? Here we will give you all answers.

Here you can find the analysis of the song that Eddie plays in the fight against Vecna, whereas here we reveal the song that we hear in his death scene.

What’s Eddie Munson guitar?

The guitar used by Eddie Munson in Stranger Things is a Warlock NJ Series electric guitar. Warlock guitars are produced by B.C. Rich, and NJ stands for Nagoya, Japan, the place where originally B.C. Rich guitars were produced between the 70s and the 80s.

Where can I buy it?

You can find all models of B.C. Rich Warlock NJ Series guitar directly on B.C. Rich website, for example under their Extreme series.

However, if you are really a big fan of Stranger Things and you want exactly the guitar used by Eddie Munson in the series, you can buy the result of the special partnership that B.C. Rich made with Netflix and Stranger Things and purchase the limiter edition, custom guitar made for the series. It’s available as mini guitar in limited edition (10” in length), and as the replica of the one used by Eddie.

The price is only for who’s really ready to do everything to own this huge piece of the history of television. Are you among those?