What is the song in the new 2022 Apple AirPods commercial?

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Apple released its latest AirPods commercial on June 2nd, and it was immediately a big deal all over the music world. For a simple reason: the song featured in the ad comes from Harry Styles’ new album, Harry’s House. The album contains the massive success As It Was, and people were wondering what his new big hit could be. Maybe now we have the answer. Harry Styles even appears in the commercial as a colorful silhouette.

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What’s the song in the new Apple commercial?

The song in the new Apple Airpods commercial is Music For A Sushi Restaurant by Harry Styles. It’s one of the most peculiar songs of his last album and one of the happiest.

Harry Styles - Music For a Sushi Restaurant (Audio)

Here are the lyrics that we can hear in the commercial:

Excuse me, green tea
Music for a sushi restaurant
From ice on rice

I’m not going to get lost
I’m not going to go broke
Staying cool

It’s ’cause I love you, babe
In every kind of way
Just a little taste
Know I love you, babe

Music for a Sushi Restaurant: the meaning of the lyrics

Music for a Sushi Restaurant is basically an unconventional love song. In the lyrics, Harry Styles shows his love for his girl, in a free and happy way, in a highly joyful mood. And the way he loves her pushes him to get her in all possible ways:

Green eyes, fried rice
I could cook an egg on you
Late night, game time
Coffee on the stove, yeah
You’re sweet ice cream
But you could use a flake or two
Blue bubblegum twisted ’round your tongue

It’s a playful way to love. And like in a sushi restaurant, Harry Styles can try many little bites of everything to get a taste of all possible ways he can enjoy his girl. Here, therefore, the meaning of the lyrics: that’s the way love is, in its happiest definition.

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