Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2: all the main theories

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The first volume of the fourth season of Stranger Things has been out a few days ago, seven episodes that have fully met the expectations of the fans, who have been waiting for season 4 for three years now. But in order to know how it will end, we will have to wait until July 2022, when volume 2 will be released. Too long not to delve into some predictions, and fans of the series are already debating the most probable theories.

Let’s see together the theories that are gaining more approval from fans.

Stranger Things 4 volume 2: here the theories about what will happen

Obviously these are just guesses but these are the most probable theories:

Theory 1: thearmy and Mike’s group (Argile, Mike, Jonathan and Will) will reach the NINA Project Lab at the same time. The laboratory will be destroyed and Dr. Owens and Brenner will die, but Eleven manages to escape and save himself with Mike’s group, and together they finally reach Hawkins. They will arrive just in time.

Theory 2: Hopper’s group (Hopper, Joyce, Murray and Enzo) will not be able to catch up with Hawkins before the final fight with One / Vecna. Perhaps during their escape from prison, they will learn things relevant to the fifth season and give us clues as to what will happen. Maybe Murray could die and Enzo could be relevant as a replacement for him next season. Enzo could prove useful and create a link with a potential presence of the Russians also in season 5.

Theory 3: After regrouping, Dustin’s group (Erika, Lucas, Max and Dustin) and Steve’s group (Steve, Robin, Nancy and Eddie) come up with a plan to defeat One / Vecna. The plan may involve some of them deciding to go to the Upside Down to defeat One / Vecna. In the meanwhile, the others remain in Creel’s house in the real world. Trying to keep the portal open, Eddie could use his guitar to play (for example Max’s favorite song, that we analysed here) and maintain contact for those who will fight with Vecna, thus using the music as protection from mental attacks.

Theory 4: The plan will fail and a character from the series will likely die in the process, fans think Steve is most likely to die, and the others will find themselves trapped in the Upside Down. At this point, it is at that moment that the group of El should be reunited, they all gather in the Upside Down and the expected final battle is reached.

Theory 5: The final battle between One / Vecna ​​and El should represent one of the most complex fights for El. Vecna ​​is actually her counterpart: identical powers, also enhanced because he has refined them over time. His main ability is to exploit the emotional weaknesses and traumas of people so Eleven could find herself in extreme difficulty since it is her Achille’s heel.

These are the theories that have been developed by the avid Stranger Things fan community, and it is very likely that what will happen in volume 2 of season 4 actually falls into one of these cases. Some are unbalanced in even predicting which characters will die, and for now it would seem that Steve is the most highly rated to go to the other world.

The new episodes of Stranger Things will land on July 1st. The world has more or less a month of break and brainstorming, before finding out how it will end.