What’s the song in 2022 Michelin commercial?

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“Motion for life” is the motto Michelin is pushing on their commercials since 2021: the idea that the tires manifacturer wants to convey is that they have solutions for every possible branch of the moton industry. And the white tires visible in their ads are now immediately recognizable as a Michelin symbol. The commercial is effective and even in 2022 the concept didn’t change. Neither did the song, of course.

You can watch the original, 1-minute Michelin commercial here. Lately there have been alternative ads visible on the tv, but always with the same concept and the same song.

The song in 2022 Michelin commercial

The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize (Official Music Video)
The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize

The song in 2022 “Motion for life” Michelin commercial series is Galvanize, by The Chemical Brothers. It’s one of their most famous hits, released in 2004. The Chemical Brothers are one of the biggest acts inside the “big beat” trend of electronic music, which is the wing of electronic dance music able to flirt with rock attitude.

Among the other big hits by The Chemical Brothers there are Hey Boy Hey Girl and Go, while other famous big beat songs are The Prodigy’s Firestarter, Fatboy Slim’s Rockafeller Shank and Groove Armada’s Superstylin’.

Galvanize, the lyrics in the commercial

The Chemical Brothers’ Galvanize is a song that talks about the need to live our life at its highest intensity. The verse repeated in the song is “don’t hold back”, an invite to push the accelerator and gain speed, a metaphor that perfectly fits Michelin’s business.

’cause you woke up in the mornin’
With initiative to move, so why make it harder?

Don’t hold back

If you think about it, so many people do
Be cool man, look smarter

With this song The Chemical Brothers mean that it makes not much sense to move slowly and carefully, if we are born to run. Therefore the true meaning of Galvanize is just that: follow your instinct. And don’t leave the handbrake on.

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