Chloe movie ending explained: is Chloe lying?

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This article reveals the explained plot and the detailed events in Atom Egoyan’s movie Chloe, revealing its meaning, symbols and storyline. We recommend you to read it only after watching the movie, and not before, in order to preserve the pleasure of the first vision.

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Chloe is a 2009 film with a number of prominent performers (the main ones are Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried), remake of a 2003 French film, Nathalie. The plot of the film seems linear throughout the first half of the vision, only to change at the end, with a transformation of the events that show all the protagonists in a different light. Let’s see together what the plot consists of and what happens in the finale.

The plot of the movie

The protagonist of the film is Catherine (Julianne Moore), a middle-aged gynecologist, married to David (Liam Neeson). The two have a teenage son. Already at the beginning of the film, we have the feeling that the relations within the family are quite flawed: the son does not speak to his mother, while Catherine is lavish in being a good wife, organizing a surprise birthday party for her husband, who however says that he missed the plane that evening, does not return home and stays out, behaving in a cold manner at his return. When Catherine accidentally reads a message on David’s phone, in which a girl thanks him for the evening, she becomes certain that she is being betrayed by her husband.

She then comes into contact with Chloe (Amanda Seyfried), a prostitute who had already crossed her path a few times, first in the bathroom of the restaurant she went to one evening, and then watching her work practically every day from the window of the gynecological studio. Catherine pays Chloe to stage a situation at a bar and test her husband to see if he is prone to cheating. From that moment Chloe, even partially forcing her hand without Catherine asking explicitly, begins to frequently tell Catherine about the encounters with her husband, the things they say to each other and the way in which the two have sex. As the film progresses, Chloe also becomes intimate with Catherine and the two end up in bed together. Chloe is also close to her son and the two end up chatting together from time to time.

At one point Catherine feels that she has gone too far, and she also feels Chloe’s presence too insistent in her life, so she asks her to disappear, to stop seeing her husband and get away from her family. When, in her office, she hands Chloe a check asking her to get out of her life, we see Chloe shocked, proving that she wasn’t actually doing it for money: Chloe is genuinely in love with Catherine and is shocked that Catherine, instead, want her out of her life. This leads us to the plot twists that will lead to the ending.

The explanation of the film and the ending

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Realizing that Chloe isn’t really walking away, Catherine decides to arrange a meeting with her husband in a bar one night. In that meeting he asks him to tell each other everything in a sincere way, and he will confess that on the evening of his birthday he missed the plane on purpose because he did not want to celebrate his birthday, and he had a drink with one of his students, without having betrayed her in any way, though. At that moment Chloe enters the bar, she discovers surprised that the husband is also sitting at the table. The two look at each other and the husband shows unequivocally that he has never seen her. At that moment Catherine understands the deception: Chloe has never dated her husband and she has never done all the things she told Catherine; Chloe was making up all those situations to get to Catherine and have a relationship with her. Aware that that meeting would have revealed the deception, Chloe leaves the bar without speaking to either of them.

Catherine and David are reunited, David goes back to work and Catherine goes home. Here she learns that Chloe had gone to her house and seduced her teenage son. Discovering them in her bed, both naked, Catherine realizes that Chloe’s obsession with her is dangerous and asks what she wants from her. In a convulsive moment, Chloe hangs unbalanced at the window, she could grab the window but decides to let go and kill herself, aware that Catherine is not in love with her.

The film’s finale symbolizes the family coming back together, with a successful party where both Catherine and David are present and the son participating as a bartender, voluntarily. Seeing everyone united against an outside intruder like Chloe was, the whole family gets close again. The film ends with the detail of the hairpin that Chloe gave Catherine and that Catherine wears at the party: a sign that a part of her has remained tied to what that hairpin represents.

Chloe is therefore a film about the deception suffered by Catherine, a deception that becomes a danger for the whole family and from which it becomes difficult to escape. Chloe’s death becomes somehow a liberation for Catherine, who will likely also end up admitting to herself that the way Chloe came in and out of her life has had positive effects in the way her existence evolved.