TikTok’s Car Dragon song: here the meaning of the lyrics

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Sometimes certain things go viral for no particular reason. And if something goes viral lately, it’s almost certain that TikTok has something to do with it.

Since February 2022 there is a strange trend that has taken hold in the social app mainly dedicated to funny videos. It’s called Car Dragon, the first time it appeared is in this video, with a dog pretending to sing it. Since then, hundreds have reused that audio, showing strange reactions before and after delving into what lies behind that song.

The song is actually Yahhh! by the American rapper Soulja Boy, in the slightly remixed version that you can find below:

The lyrics have no shocking meaning. As explained by the rapper himself, Yahhh was a verse that he recorded with his boys before signing the record deal and it represents their way of pushing everyone away when they don’t want to have anything to do with anyone. The song in fact keeps repeating “get out my face”.

There is therefore no cryptic meaning behind those lines. Just a big “leave us alone” shouted in urban language.

Hey Soulja Boy can I yahhh trick yahhh!
Yo Arab I really like yahhh trick yahhh!
Colli Park Music ahh!
Hey man I was just wondering can I get a yahhh yahhh trick!