The song in the new H&M commercial 2022: pure disco energy

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The new H&M spot for the spring summer 2022 collection was released on April 1st, visible on the official Youtube channel: full of joy and colors, set in this elusive Hotel Hennes where a girl passionate about fashion arrives, discovering she is in the right place. The hotel begins a sparkling series of pleasant situations and the whole commercial is a representation of a typical day in this fantasy place.

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One of the reasons why the commercial remains easily impressed is the song that is heard in accompaniment: it is Yes Sir, I Can Boogie by the Spanish duo Baccara, a song with pure disco energy, released in 1977, which met with some success in the world, reaching the top positions in the rankings in many European countries. You can find it below:

Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (Starparade 02.06.1977)

The text of the song is flirtatious and provocative as in the typical disco style of those years:

Yes sir, I can boogie,
But I need a certain song,
I can boogie, boogie woogie all night long

Ooooh! Yes sir, I can boogie
If you stay, you can’t go wrong,
I can boogie, boogie woogie all night long..