Four things you must do for preparing PMP certification exam

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If you just decide to take the PMP exam while do not know the key points of exam and techniques of PMP exam prep(Go to prep exam). Also, of you do not know how to advantage training courses and enhance your learning efficiency. It is suggested to have a look at the experience of the PMP certification holders.

The following content comes from the sharing of a PMP certification holder. He will tell what things you must do for passing the exam successfully. I hope that every one can feel rewarding after reading the article.

First, I appreciate the SPOTO training institution which is a professional online training institution. You can learn effective learning methods and the teachers are responsible.

You should handle the skills of listening to courses.

If you have adequate time, follow the teaching schedule arranged by SPOTO carefully and attend all the relevant courses. There are a few tricks you can learn.

First, preview before you attend the class. Otherwise, you will feel hard to follow the pace of the teacher. Because PMP exam contains too much content, preview can give you a general impression and you will find it easier to understand the course content.

Second, write down notes while you are listening. Targeting the points that teachers attach importance to, you can either mark out on the documents sent by SPOTO or take an extra note. It is convenient for you to review the knowledge after class and during the later stage. It can also save your time and improve efficiency.

Third, sorting out the knowledge after you attend a course. If you are a rookie of project management, you will forget the knowledge without sorting out it.

Fourth, do the five questions every day sent in the groups by teachers. It does not mean that the more questions you do, the better you perform in the exam. But you should stay positive and active. Teachers will give explanations on these questions in groups. You can communicate your understanding of questions with other classmates to deepen your understanding.

Put emphasis on the courses you must attend

No matter how tight your schedule, you must take a look at the following courses.

Test paper interpretation course. This is quite important. The teacher will repeatedly tell you how to solve the questions by analyzing real PMP exam questions and sample questions. You should try to understand and watch the playback.

Speeding-up course. If you do not have much time, you can attend the class that will give you a considerable amount of information.

Exam focus course. The course will inform you what sort of things you should notice during the exam like how to well arrange time and do the questions. If you want to have a good performance, do not miss the class.

The tests you must take.

We have the mid-term exam consists of three sets of test paper as well as another paper conclude by the teachers of SPOTO. It is worth spending some time and energy in finishing these test papers. You can even repeatedly do them so as to enhance memory on the basis of understanding.

Attach importance to mistakes.

It is suggested to understand the question-solving logic of PMI PMP exam by correcting mistakes. If you often do wrong of a certain type of questions, you need to spend more time on corresponding knowledge and understand diligently. Of course, you can also turn to the teaching assistant. They will give you answers carefully.