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Wall art is often overlooked in interior design. Wall art is left to last after the paint has dried and the furniture has been arranged. We believe that wall art should not be ignored. The right wall art can be a focal point for a room if chosen carefully. We believe wall art is the most crucial part of interior design. Don’t be afraid to include wall art in your interior design plans. This post by Splash of Arts will help you choose the right pieces for your space and create a harmonious interior.

Select The Right Size for Your Artwork

You must ensure that the wall art you choose is appropriately sized for the space where it will be installed. You can’t hang art too large or too small on your wall, even if your hanging skills are impeccable. You’ll be able to place the wall art directly under a piece of furniture, such as a painting on top of a couch or buffet. You can use a trick to estimate your measurements. To help you understand the ideal artwork choice, be sure to check the best selection of chanel wall art guide.

The furniture should be slightly longer than either the wall art or the wall art. A wall hanging should be at least two-thirds the length of your furniture piece. The math can be more difficult if you plan to hang the artwork on a separate wall. However, there is no problem that can’t be solved using a calculator. The conventional wisdom says that artwork should not take up more than four-sevenths the wall it is attached to. Start by measuring the wall’s length and width. Multiply each number by 0.571 to get four-sevenths of a decimal.

What Kinds of Artworks Can You Find?

You can think of anything! Realistic renderings of real-life locations are available. You don’t have to stick with the more traditional options. If you prefer something more simple and geometrically focused, there are plenty of abstract wall art options at Splash of Art.

There are many options for art, including canvas and poster paintings. You can also choose to make intricate wooden or metal sculptures or textile paintings. Some wall art can make a statement, while others are more interested in combining it with other functional purposes such as shelves and clocks.

The best thing about the huge selection of artwork is that there are pieces for every room and every home.

Adjust The Layout to Suit the Space

The rule of thumb in the past was that artwork should be placed at about eye level. It is not a rule that artwork should be placed at eye level for someone 5’1” or 6’5”. The consensus is that the center point of an art piece should be at least 57 inches above the floor. Measure the height of your picture, then divide that number by 2 to determine its center.

Next, measure the distance between the nail hook or picture wire and the top of your frame. Add the distance to half of your picture’s height and then multiply it by 57. No matter what your final number is, measure the distance from the wall to determine the location of your nail. Mark it for future reference. These figures can be used as a guideline, but you should not hesitate to adjust them. To account for high ceilings in a room, hanging wall art slightly higher than normal might make sense to allow for extra space.