Top 5 best Fortnite players of all time

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Fortnite has become one of the most played Battle Royale titles in the world in such a short time. Although the game appears to be kinda childish by the first looks, it is actually one of the toughest games to master.

That is for a variety of reasons, Fortnite has changed the whole classic FPS gameplay by introducing some of the most unique features in the game, be it instant crafts, tons of new FN items, gliding around the battlefield and even petting wild animals, pretty sick, right?

With all these unique features, Fortnite has attracted a ton of players scrambling to buy stacked Fortnite accounts. While not everyone can master these features, some names have come up to claim the top spots for the best players in Fortnite, here are the top 5.

Benjy Fishy

Benjy was always a fan favourite star because he was devoted to Fortnite, so much so that he even ended his schooling and used the competitive aspect of the game to provide support for his family. Lucky enough he is now making hundreds of thousands of dollars, pretty awesome for a 16-years old.

Benjy climbed up the ladders of fame with his game buddy Mr.Savage. And they make hell of a duo team that no one wants to cross! He is regarded as one of the best Fortnite players, finishing 14th in the duo and 25th in the solo matches at the world championship.


When it comes to fan base, Tfue leaves everyone else on this list very far behind. Being the poster boy for Fortnite, Tfue’s fame knows no limit, especially in the world of streaming. Although he may not be performing as well as he used to, his fame as the king of Fortnite continues to live on.


Aqua is probably one of the most talented Fortnite players ever. He managed to make a mark in the competitive scene of Fortnite when the competition was at its peak in Europe. Aqua’s epic comeback at the Duo world cup really earned him a lot of fame as well as revenue, making him one of the most earning Fortnite players in the world.

Aqua has managed to win a lot of titles, be it the FNCS trios cup or finishing up 3rd all across Europe. He has never let down any of the squads that he has joined, making him one of the most fierce competitors of all.


Being the best player in any game takes more than just sheer skills. It is a combination of skills, determination and leadership, and Zayt is one of the few players with all of these qualities. Zayt is extremely creative and smart in his own way, something that has made him extremely popular in the competitive world of Fortnite.

But what makes him even more popular, is his relentless consistency that never seems to fade, I mean be it duo matches or solo matches or trio matches, Zayt seems to be claiming the top charts over and over again, without break!


Claiming the number 1 spot in our list, we have the present king of Fortnite, Bugha. He has been dominating the world of competitive Fortnite since the very beginning of his career.

Bugha began to gain popularity back when he dominated the biggest Fortnite world cup in history back in 2019. And since then, Bugha has been continuing his legacy. Later on, Bugha went on to win the Solo world cup, which also made him one of the richest Fortnite players of all time!


Fortnite’s Competitive scene has been attracting a lot of youngsters and what used to be a “non-productive thing” according to most parents has become a promising career for many. Although, due to the recent pandemic situation, Esports has suffered quite a bit but the strong foundation that it has set has the potential to go a long way!

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