Luckiest numbers for Video Keno according to numerology

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Many players of keno are searching for the best patterns and the luckiest numbers to play. Yet Video Keno numbers are selected from random number generators that are endorsed by the bodies responsible for issuing gaming licenses. If you remain interested in finding numbers that tie with Lady Luck, here are a few suggestions you might like to try, though there are no guarantees.

For those new to the game, players select and bet on a number between one and 80.  Once the player has picked their number, the Video Keno machine randomly picks 20 numbers. If the selected number appears the player can win a large amount. Some players choose what they consider to be lucky numbers to increase their chance of winning, with some using numerology to do so.

What is numerology?

Numerology is similar to astrology in that it is believed there are no coincidences in life and that your name and birth date affect your life path and personality. A numerologist can calculate the numbers related to an individual’s personality traits which can give a life path number, expression number, and heart’s desire number among several others.

A numerologist can make a vast number of calculations, but even a basic reading based on core numbers can be revealing. Other numbers calculated for an individual are Life Path Number, Birthday Number, Soul Urge Number (also known as Heart’s Desire number), Expression Number (also known as Destiny Number) and Personality Number.An online numerology calculator will provide some of these numbers for you.

The expression number converts your full birth name into numbers using a Pythagorean chart. This number has its own meaning and when combined with other core numbers builds a portrait of the character. The name is also used to calculate the soul urge number and the personality number, with each letter allocated a number which are then added together and broken down to get a single-digit number.

Master numbers

In numerology, the master numbers of 11, 22 and 33 have powerful meanings which can be good or bad, depending on the context. So, 11 can mean faith, but also anxiety whilst 22 represents ambition and success. The number 33 has various meanings depending on which trait it shows up in. With so many numbers and meanings behind combinations of numbers, a professional numerologist is required to interpret them accurately.

Other lucky numbers

Numerology is just one way for players to pick their Video Keno numbers in the hope of increasing their chance of winning the jackpot.

The Most Drawn Numbers in Keno

With the maximum numbers drawn is 20, you do not want to choose that many since the odds are against you. The odds for correctly guessing just 14 numbers is 1:390 million and selecting all 20 is considered impossible. The five numbers most often drawn in Video Keno are 1, 4, 23, 34 and 72, though these “hot” numbers will change as players refer back to the last draw numbers in their particular variant of Video Keno.

With “cold” numbers listed as 7, 12 and 23 it is worth remembering that numbers are picked at random by computer, so choices are highly unpredictable since past performance has no correlation with future performance, but many players feel that it adds to the entertainment of the game.

Combine with other strategies

Most Video Keno players will select between five and 10 numbers depending on the odds offered on different game variants, since the optimal variant on some games may be five or six numbers only. Whilst playing with your favorite numbers is fun, consider your other strategies. In Video Keno, a payout is based on the percentage of numbers you match or “catch”. This means that if you choose eight numbers and six match, you win more than if you bet on 14 numbers and seven match. 

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