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Let’s try to travel back in time ten or fifteen years ago. High-speed internet was a rare and expensive pleasure. Websites were pretty simple and primitive. Smartphones were only suitable for SMS texting. At that time, dating on the Internet was something completely new and extremely rare.

Now let’s step forward a couple of years. The Internet has become faster and more accessible, the online dating industry has been making seven-league strides in its development, dating websites and video chatting have been developed. But the psychological factor remains intact. Many people still do not perceive the Web as a serious platform for finding a soulmate. Others believe that this is an extreme measure and dating websites to be the services for the most desperate individuals. Now, this opinion seems ridiculous.

Interesting observation!  In 2005, the Pew Research Center conducted a survey to find out how people feel about online dating. At that time only 44% of respondents said that they considered it a positive phenomenon. Ten years later, when the study was repeated, the figure rose to 59%. 

Internet dating hasn’t just become the norm. For millions of people around the world, it turned out to be almost the only way to find new friends and love.

Internet dating statistics: modern realities

There are over 8,000 dating websites in the world right now as well as numerous chat roulettes, dating apps, forums of interest, social networks, etc. Recently, the Institute for Brain Research reported that about 17% of all marriages now start with online dating. Yes, this is not an impressive number. But it is growing continuously. The popular website even reports that a third of relationships begin on the Internet, that is every fifth marriage.

Here are some more interesting statistics:

  • over one and a half million people daily spend 4 or more hours on dating websites;
  • male to female ratio on dating websites is approximately 50:50;
  • 75% of people report that they have been satisfied with a personal meeting after online dating;
  • on average 3 out of 10 people date an online acquaintance for three months;
  • according to polls, more than 40% of users of dating websites and video chats are looking for new acquaintances, and 19% are ready for a serious relationship.

The main age group of dating websites and webcam chats is young people (18-24 years old). There are slightly fewer older users – 25-34 years old. There are very few elderly people. But the statistics vary greatly depending on the website. Tinder, for example, has amassed the youngest audience around it. And eDarling is more mature. About 7% of active users here are people aged 50-60.

Why do modern people choose online dating?

Of course, the coronavirus COVID-19 made its “contribution” to the growing popularity of online dating in 2020. Because of it, millions of people lost the opportunity to meet in person and went online. But the trend towards online dating was seen long before that.

The web opens up a lot of advantages for a modern person. Let’s consider some of them.

  1. Convenience. You no longer need to leave home to find new friends or a soulmate. It is enough to use a computer, tablet or even a smartphone. A few clicks and you are already chatting with an interesting person.
  2. No boundaries. In real life, it is very difficult to make new acquaintances outside of your social circle. And you don’t even have to talk about other cities and countries. There are no borders on the Internet. Today you are communicating with a neighbor in the house, and tomorrow with a person from another continent.
  3. Absolute freedom. Not everyone is comfortable communicating with strangers in person. Many people do not want to make contact in real life at all. It is much easier to start a conversation on the web, find common topics and just communicate. It’s easier to deal with awkwardness and embarrassment.
  4. Unlimited number of options. Billions of people use the Internet, and millions of people use dating websites and chat roulettes. Each of them is your potential acquaintance, a friend or a loved one. Moreover, in one evening you can meet dozens of people, look through up to fifty profiles or talk to ten strangers in chat roulette. In the real world, during the same timeframe, you would have time to go on one date and that’s it. And there is no guarantee that it would be successful.
  5. Lots of dating websites. There are social networks, dating websites and apps, anonymous webcam chats, thematic forums and even online games at your disposal. Just choose what you like best of all.

Consider how deeply connected you are with your social circle: close friends, work colleagues, relatives. Several dozen or several hundred people and that’s it. It is very difficult to go beyond the boundaries of this circle without radically changing your own life. Many people deliberately do not want to do this, preferring to stay in their comfort zone.

Online dating allows you to stay in this very zone, but at the same time go beyond the boundaries of the circle. All you need to have is Internet access, a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. You can meet and chat while sitting at home, relaxing in the park or on the way to work. Given the modern pace of life, this is a real salvation for millions of us.

Is this format devoid of any drawbacks? Of course, no. There are enough of them too. For example, not all dating websites and chat roulettes are really user-friendly and popular. There are inappropriate users, internet trolls, and even scammers who try to steal money or personal data from other users. But you can meet such people in real life. Only during live communication is it impossible to break all threads by pressing the “Close chat” button. So, is it worth creating unnecessary inconveniences for yourself? We believe that online dating is the best way to find new friends or your love. You may not agree with us, but at least you should definitely try this format!

Article source: CooMeet live.

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