Online casino guide to bet on CSGO: the best tournaments and platforms

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CSGO currently occupies a privileged place in the universe of online casino competitions. It is one of the games with the most presence on the international agenda and one of the ones with the most followers. Another of the characteristics that speak of this product’s global prominence is the amount of prizes from the different championships held throughout the planet around it.

This context makes many bettors choose to follow this game in these big competitions and through the many online casinos that dedicate a significant gap to CSGO. The competition between users is therefore very tough.

In this situation, nothing better than having the best information before making deposits in favor of a player or team. Here you will find the best tips to decide your bets and choose the websites with the best offers to make your income.

The best online casinos to bet on CSGO

This game’s global impact is that numerous licensed online bookmakers offer bets on the many scheduled games and tournaments. This is the case of platforms such as Pinnacle Sports, Bet365, Tipbet, ArcaneBet or betting with bitcoin on Nitrogen Sports.

These are platforms licensed in areas such as the European Union, Australia, or Canada, which offer the world’s best competitions. Therefore you will put bets on the outcomes of competitive matches and leagues such as Intel Intense Masters, DreamHack or Winter EPS and much more.

The number of online casinos targeting these competitions also increases. We have reviewed some of the online casinos that offer LoL betting, taking into account things like licenses, bonuses and promotions, the odds they offer for Dota 2 tournaments and leagues, deposit and withdrawal options, and customer support.

Here we give you some keys to decide:


A veteran of veterans, this platform is endorsed by its track record and reliability in matters as important as licenses, transparency and security. Therefore, it is a trustworthy site where you can place your bets and have a good time with the best competitions. Please do not lose sight of their exciting promotions.


Another sports betting site that keeps getting renewed year after year. And he’s doing so on the train of the worldwide rise of e-sports. Its original approach makes ArcaneBet an entertaining option for users to indulge in very entertaining leisure moments. It is a platform, therefore, very to take into account.

Nitrogen Sports

One of the features that differentiate Nitrogen Sports from other competitors is the possibility of using a virtual currency as a way of paying for bets. So, anyone who wants to can use bitcoins to spend some fun moments. Its innovative approach is one of its strengths, but Nitrogen Sports also stands out for its customer service.


This platform offers an important gap to CSGO. In fact, it is very easy to find the Counter Strike section on this website where the most important tournaments are at hand. These are some of the competitions available, to name just a few: ESL Australia & NZ Championship, Esports Championship Series EU or the NoxFire League.


This website continues to grow in quantity and quality of content. In addition, they have been betting heavily on eSports for years, and space explicitly dedicated to CSGO is a clear example of this. Also, please pay close attention to its offers for new users. They are outstanding options to enter the exciting world of online gambling.

Types of bets in CSGO

One of the most significant online casino games in recent years is CS: GO. Because of its dynamism and the fairness between the numerous players, the thrill of the game is often passed to the bookmakers. These bets’ nature is very simple to grasp because they are close, in contrast, to those of competitive sports.

And it is that you can dedicate funds to see if a certain team wins or loses, among other main bets. Therefore, it is essential to analyze how communication is between the players of a team during games since it is a crucial factor in achieving victories.

Betting on the bottom line (whether a team wins or loses) is called a money line. To determine these defeat/victory odds, the previous results of the different teams in the running are taken into account. Obviously, the higher the risk, the higher the profit, but it is always relevant to be informed of changes in the team line-ups since surprises often happen.

Other bets can also be given to the winner of each map. It is an exciting option. You can also bet, taking into account handicap criteria and calculating possible imbalances or disadvantages.

Tips for betting on Counter-Strike Global Offensive

As with other eSports games, it is vital to know the rules by heart to get the most out of the decisions made. In the specific case of CSGO, you must always remember that the key to the game is the conjugation of individual talents and the game as a whole. As we had previously pointed out, the most competitive teams stand out for excellent communication among all their members.

One feature unique to CSGO that other games in its multiplayer category do not have is introducing maps and team dominance. For example, although a club may not be the starting favorite to win the game, its track record and results on a certain map may make it the choice for the map in question.

In other words, the different maps have a great weight in Counter Strike. For this reason, it is precious to know on which maps the different teams are stronger or weaker in order to be able to decide on better conditions which team to bet on.

However, in this regard, it should be mentioned that teams are training and improving new strategies, so if a club shows some weakness on a map, the coach may make his players work hard to improve their performance and give as well some e-sports betting odds they offer for Counterstrike in the online casino overviews section mentioned earlier.

Parallel to the increasing number of tournaments that surprise their rivals. In another vein, it is also instrumental in following the news of the evolutions in the individual and collective CSGO rankings and in having the results of the latest competitions at hand before a certain team or player plays a certain fund. However, they are in the top positions of the international rankings.

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