What’s the post pandemic future of showbusiness?

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The Industry That Will Die Another Day

Netflix has soared across the online world but with COVID-19 amongst us the world has taken a turn like a scene from Contagion.

Is there still room to flourish into a new Golden Hollywood Era? Live or Let Die, let’s dig deeper into what challenges the entertainment industry has to face.

Darth Vader’s Guide to Entertainment Business Revenue

The Gaming Industry and The Entertainment Industry buddies up. As coronavirus forced the world into lockdown with tight travelling restrictions in place, many movie/tv productions have been cancelled. Some massive box-office movies such as Marvel, have been able to buddy up with the gaming industry to allow use of their titles.

Even though the world is in a recession that could cost trillions of dollars, online gaming companies such as esports, online video-games and online casinos are not nearly as affected as other industries. It makes sense for these two industries to co-exist as the online gaming companies are reaping the rewards from being able to have their fans favourite film/tv-series as a game.

Music has become more refreshing than a new pair of socks. Businesses are continuing to encourage people to work from home to help decrease the spread of COVID-19. This means that people are listening to music more than ever.

Variety talks about how Spotify may become one of the leaders in the entertainment industry as people are listening to more music at home. Live concerts have also become increasingly popular due to lockdown. Millions of people around the world have joined in to watch live streams by famous artists such as; Travis Scott, Andrea Bocelli and many more.

Fake News

Theatre is more dead than the new Star Wars films. A classic never dies, dear. The same goes for Star Wars and theatre. Some people are spreading fake news by stating that theatre may be already dead due to the coronavirus crisis.

The Royal Opera House has shown both ballet and opera via live streams and the National Theatre have been showing live performances. Free musicals and plays are still available to be seen online from previously filmed shows.

Perhaps online shows are the way forward? This is great to encourage, as it would help people who might not be physically fit to go or for someone who might not be able to afford to travel to their favourite show.

Coronavirus and the new era of actors

The Harvey Weinstein era, as dead as a dodo. When the #MeToo movement began to circle the internet, the industry was forced to face some of their biggest demons.

With Harvey Weinsten behind bars, corrupt CEOs and directors being fired, fresh faces can finally rise in showbusiness. The post pandemic entertainment industry has already started widening castings to give more entertainers a chance. This means more honest voices can tell a story as a wider diversity rises.

When film-productions start going ahead, there will be a backlog of movies in pre-production. This means that A-listers will have to give up other projects to film the movie they’re first contractually obliged to be a part of. This way, new faces have a fighting chance to enter the screens.

Online castings are a much safer way forward to avoid the spread of coronavirus and to keep entertainers safe from potential sexual predators. As filming will be kept to the bare minimum risky sets like these films where entertainers who nearly died filming on set can be avoided.

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