What type of casino games do women and men like?

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While the revelation might be surprising after extensive research done in different casinos, both online and offline, and looking at world statistics, it has been confirmed that the types of casino games men and women play are entirely different. The way different genders think and approach reveals the psychology in gambling, which further influences the way online casino games are presented to people.

A convenient and safe platform is vital for anyone to get into the world of casinos. While these games were predominantly ruled by men in conventional casinos, the advent of the internet and being able to play games with the comfort of smartphones has brought more women onboard. After gaining access to dozens of games, they show a different perspective on the games they choose. The changes emerge from the fact that men and women often think opposite in real-life situations which is evident in casino games as well.

Men Vs Women – Strategy Versus Luck 

Students from reputed universities in the world started researching on how different genders approach the game of gambling. The result is definitely interesting and something to think about. It did show that men always wanted to wage war. They had this instinct to dominate their opponent with their own skills and found challenging situations where a gambling strategy has to be implemented consciously. They were not willing to let fate decide and roll the dice but picked specific games. Games that would allow them to build a strategy and reap the fruits of victory were favorites among men.

Men choose games like Poker, Roulette, Baccarat and Craps. All the research papers and a simple look into the statistics created by online casino apps reveal that men love table games, slots or similar ones. They enjoy the aspect of betting on live tables, be it in a real casino or enjoying a game of roulette online with a dealer. The interaction between the dealer and the player keeps them interested, whereas women view all casino games from a completely new perspective.

The emergence of smartphones has significantly improved the chances of a young female to walk into a virtual casino, choose a game and enjoy their time spent. The studies further confirmed that women enjoy the socialization associated with games. They love to find out if they are lucky enough in life that leads to them playing games like bingo and lottery. The vast majority of women without questions enjoyed slot machines the most. It involves tossing in a quarter and spinning the wheel to find out if they have won something at the end of the day.

What Men Enjoy Playing? Why Do They Play? 

Based on global statistics collected in recent years, it has been deduced that 57% of male players form up the gambling community. The technological advancements and ease of access paved the way for a significant share of women in this community as over 43% actively contribute to playing casino games. 

·Men tend to take big risks for a big win. They enjoy the adrenaline-pumping experience a game would offer, especially when it is about making strategic decisions

·A similar trend can be witnessed when men often bet on sports such as football to see their favorite player win and immensely enjoy the victory

  • Compared to women, men spend less time on each game even though the risk quotient is much higher because of their tendency to bet more 
  • They enjoy competition at every point which can create stressful moments, but when they enjoy doing it, it has been witnessed as a common habit that can’t be criticized 
  • A rather small portion of men, about 19% played just for the fun of it, but nearly 81% of the crowd is playing online casino games to win money 
  • They become uncontrollably angry if they lose and are truly frustrated because they play to win 

What Women Enjoy Playing? Why Do They Play? 

The reason why women play in an online casino is quite different from what men get out of it. The latter is often after a risky play that involves a lot of strategies. The ladies are all up for a relaxing night out in the casino or enjoy playing a slots game online with their friends. They enjoy having drinks and food while socializing with the rest of the crowd. 

  • The majority of women spend more time on a single game than jumping from one to another
  • They don’t enjoy playing table games or any kind of game that would make them feel stressed out
  • The concept of smashing buttons or rolling dice to simply rely on luck than placing bets seems quite fascinating for women
  • Some of the common games women enjoy in a casino are bingo, keno or online slot machines 
  • The average time spent by a lady on a game is much higher because they bet lower, reduce the risk and increase the time each spin or turn takes
  • Over 22% of the female players play the game simply to pass the time whereas 51% of them play to win a game, to earn money of some sort
  • Compared to men, women tend to feel sad, demotivated or depressed but on a positive note, fewer women get addicted to gambling or online casino games than men 

End Note 

Men have been involved in gambling one way or the other ever since battles raged in the colosseum. They enjoy betting and are often addicted to it. The male-dominated world of casinos has become more female-friendly with online casinos paving the way for women to enjoy a game or two in a relaxed manner. Most surveys confirm they like playing on their smartphones as it is considered the most convenient way to enjoy their games.

Social networks like Facebook allow both women and men to connect, where the ladies enjoy talking to friends, playing their favorite games on a weekend night. Men do connect with friends but are often addicted to the competitive environment and the fact that there is a chance of winning the lottery if they use the right strategy. Both genders enjoy casino games, and virtual gaming has made it more easier than ever.


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