Five essential books on writing for students

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Writing is usually viewed as one of the most demanded jobs in the history of mankind. Although there are many numbers of facts about writing, one of many is that it remains one of the toughest activities to learn. This difficulty usually occurs mostly for students. Do you know how hard it is to write a coursework? As a student, you get to be presented with a lot of assignments. Luckily, there are available books and tools to help you dealing with these tasks much easier. For coursework, a coursework writing service in UK is a great tool to save your time. However, learning is a gradual process and with the best tips and techniques applied, anyone can get begin to get the hang of it.

Over the past few years, several books have been published to help make the lives of people who write easier. Scholars are no exception as they tend to experience more difficulties than any other set of people. This is where books on writing are most likely to fit into the picture. As a student, there are many techniques you must understand about writing. And luckily, there are a great number of guides to help you go that.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 books that are essential for students to improve their writing skills. This way, they get to understand how to handle plots, structure, and deal with the various challenges they are most likely to experience as they write.

Top 5 Books on Writing For Students

Books are considered a great way to inform and engage people with new concepts. Asides being a perfect medium to layout unique concepts, books are designed to provide enough concise ideas to students. Fortunately for students, there are available guides published to help them in their studies as well as improve their writing. Below, we will take a closer look at the top 5 essential books on writing for scholars.

The Writing Life

The Writing Life is a book written by the famous writer, Annie Dillard. The book portrays the story of the life of a writer. Rather than be a handbook on how to write effectively or how to think like a writer, The Writing Life provides a collection of stories gathered during the writing of many guides.

The book encompasses its story around how a writer can live their life every day. Also, it is considered as a book that tells stories of the challenges writers face as they write, their thoughts and their ideas. In other words, it presents to its readers a unique view of the life of someone who writes.

The Writing Life: Writers On How They Think and Work

As a student, getting to see what lies ahead for you in the field of writing is a way to motivate yourself. By looking into the lives of successful writers, you just might get the inspiration you have always wanted. This is what this book aims to distribute across to aspiring writers and students.

The Writing Life: Writers On How They Think and Work is a book written by Marie Arana. The book features a collection of stories from over 50 different fiction and nonfiction writers. Each writer tells a story that dates back to how they had discovered their talents as writers. Asides that, the story provided by each writer in the book covers how they think and interact with things, and how they work. Not to mention, students are also left with ideas on what pleases and annoys these people who write. If you are looking to get a quick look at how authors act and behave, the book is a good start.

On Writing

On Writing is a book written by the famous author, Stephen King. The book describes the story of how the great writer had started as a writer, the challenges he had faced, and how he had discovered his talents as a writer. On Writing comes as a guidebook for students and anyone who wishes to become a better writer than they already are.

Of course, this book goes far from Stephen King’s famous horrifying tales. It is a great start for people who wish to become better authors.

A Writer’s Guide to Persistence

Just as its name implies, a Writer’s Guide to Persistence is a book written by Jordan Rosenfeld on how to be a successful writer throughout your career. Students who are experiencing difficulties with writing need to get a source of motivation. Luckily, this book offers enough unique content to keep them motivated.

The book serves as a guide for anyone who intends to find joy as a writer and provides unique ideas and insights into handling the challenge of balancing writing with a busy life. Apart from all of these, the book was written to help authors learn how to efficiently and effectively handle special writing tasks such as fine-tuning their crafts, connecting with creative flows, and revising their works.

How to Write Bestselling Fiction

The history of writing has recorded thousands of guides aimed at telling fictional stories. For people who write, fictional stories require a unique sense of imagination, and improving on theirs takes a lot of time and work. However, with a book like How to Write Bestselling Fiction, this is made entirely easier.

This book content is around teaching authors how they can come up with the Bestselling fiction stories. As a student, you may encounter assignments that require you to write a fiction story. This is where the book comes in handy.


Writing is a great way to express unique thoughts, imaginations, and feelings. Nevertheless, these above are some of the most important guides on writing students should read. Now is your chance to improve your writing skills. Good luck!

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