Ten old cities in Europe to visit for history students

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Studying history opens new perspectives for understanding the future. At the same time, students who travel and gather useful data and materials for their thesis papers and dissertations must be extremely careful to avoid plagiarism. Repeating previously discussed arguments not only fails to add something new to our understanding of historical events but also puts the entire academic career of these students in danger. That is why it will be very beneficial to visit some old cities in Europe to gather unique supporting evidence and develop one’s own original argument to come up with the perfect paper worth of MA or Ph.D. degree in History.

Visit Germany

Students interested in the ancient world and how it helped to shape the modern one should definitely consider visiting Trier, one of the oldest cities in Germany, where a number of Ancient Roman sights remained in a rather good condition. The next step would be the Roman Museum in Augsburg, where you can find a lot of artifacts to be discussed – just don’t forget to use this online plagiarism checker once the dissertation or thesis paper is finished. The great place to find inspiration for exploration, research, and writing would be the 700-year-old University in Heidelberg.

Do not miss the opportunity to let the atmosphere of this old city embrace you and give some fresh ideas for research so that you can proceed with other important writing steps and advance your academic opportunities.

Cross the English Channel

Visiting London is a must for every History student who travels Europe in search of inspiration and supporting materials. This is the city where rich history can be seen alongside innovations and progress. The United Kingdom has always been at the forefront of the anti-plagiarism campaign, there is not just one college student expelled for plagiarism but many. That is why it is always a good idea to learn about their experience and do not copy from the internet. It is better to visit Oxford, get directly to one of the oldest Universities in the world, and adopt its standards of education’s quality. You won’t regret visiting these two cities.

Enjoy Better Climate while Researching

The Mediterranean region is particularly worthy of History students’ attention. Visiting some old cities in Italy might change your future for the better. Beware of the risk of the unbreakable desire to stay and live in some of them, such as Rome or Venice, forever.

Venice is not only a notably beautiful and influential city but also an ancient one, which means multiple opportunities for important research. Just make sure that enjoying the beauty of this city will not make you forget to check student work for plagiarism. Another big possibility to develop an A-level dissertation, especially when it is related to the role of religion in History, would be visiting Rome, the world-wide known center of culture and Christianity. Just imagine what a powerful impetus that visiting Rome will give to your research process! And in case your degree in History presupposes focus on cultural heritage, visiting Milan must be on top of your dissertation writing steps list as there are multiple architecturally-significant spots and even one of Da Vinci’s works are located there.

Visit Spain

There are so many historically significant events that started in this country that every student who is keen on History must visit at least a few Spanish cities. Barcelona might be the starting point for those who want to combine their studies in History with the vacation in a modern and vibrant metropolis. Parties are the part of students’ life as well, and Barcelona would be a great place where these aspects coexist successfully. The main thing to remember is not to spend too much time on nightlife in Spain and then desperately search for ways how can a student avoid plagiarism because of the lack of time for proper research. Another perfect ancient city to visit in Spain is a small city of Toledo, where the past of Christian, Jewish, and Arab communities is blended together and creates the perfect place for finding perfect primary sources for your dissertation.

Explore Life!

Writing a dissertation or thesis paper in History is a long project that requires not only careful writing during months of studies but also profound research. It might take years to find the needed primary sources and review the available scope of literature to avoid severe plagiarism issues. Stealing someone else’s ideas is a serious issue that will definitely ruin one’s academic career. Thus, it is important to have a good research base that will allow not only develop the ground for the writing portion of the big project but also come up with the fresh and original insight and have credible supporting evidence to back up your claims.

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