The best freelance websites to find work in 2020

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Freelancing is highly popular these days due to its convenient work, flexible work hours and a wide diversity of jobs that you can find all over the web. There are a lot of freelance websites where you can grab your chance to work and show your skills, but do you know what the best ones are? Well, we have prepared a small list for you. You can try on either of these sites as these are considered to be the best ones for the freelancing population! Have in mind that you have to register on all of these to become an eligible member to apply for jobs.


If you fall into the category of musicians, voice actors, designers and editors, then Fiverr is your best destination for the freelance works! Fiverr, as its name suggests, allows you to land on a job for $5, meaning you will get paid $5 for the task you complete. Still, you can find employers that pay more than $5. It evolved from a small-scale and amateur freelance website to a potentially full-time job-seeking platform that hosts millions of users! There are a lot of projects and it means that you will be able to build up your portfolio quickly!


Upwork was, in the previous times, split into oDesk and Elance websites that were aimed for freelance workers. Over time, the two separate companies merged into one and as a result, today’s community has more than 12 million freelancers around the world and a handful of academic essay writing jobs! The only downside is that you have to pay 20% fee on the payouts. This is on until you build up your relationship with a client when you can switch to manual payments, without paying any fee to the platform. It is a fantastic platform to find your reliable client who will have constant work for you.

Freelancer is a great base for people who are looking for hourly pay, as there are a lot of diverse projects for different industries and skills. While it was free some years ago, today, you have to pay the membership in order to see the job list and actual offers. As a new user, you have 8 free applications. You have to pay fees on all projects, but these differ from project to project as you pay a small fee on the small project.

People Per Hour

Freelancers who come from the web development industry are super happy about the PPH platform as they can enjoy a wide range of job offers! You can apply to 15 different job proposals before you spend all of these proposals when you have to buy more to apply for the jobs. However, browsing is free. This is a good feature as you can find your potential SEO job or PHP development project and then register and pay to apply.


Some people prefer doing micro tasks and Microworkers is the best place to look for such a job! Whether you want to fill the surveys, install and try out new software, test mobile applications, or simply perform some data mining, you only need to register and confirm your account and you are ready to browse! There is no fee at all. All you earn is transferred to your account and then you can withdraw money to your bank or a card in any of the available withdrawal methods. Though micro-tasks are paid $0.25 on average, you can earn decent hourly pay once you get used to this type of work.


Flex Jobs started in 2007 as an amateur platform for finding the remote and flexible jobs that backpackers mostly like to have. Still, the platform evolved into a serious business and outsourcing hub that offers legit and background-checked jobs that will not scam the applicant. Once the job offers pass the tests, it is listed. This way, the applicants are protected from the fraudulent ads that might steal sensitive information. Anyone who wants the flexibility should head to Flex Jobs to find one!


Solid Gigs provides a reliable job list every week and uses the partnerships with some of the industry-leading names to ensure high quality and constant work for freelancers! Solid Gigs send you every day the list of jobs, which is thoroughly inspected and tested before sending it out to you. They work with some of the big companies. These are Copyblogger, CBS, WordPress, Trello, Fox, Smithsonian and more! Marketing specialists, writers, developers and designers will have the biggest benefit out of this website!


Linkedin is not primarily the freelance platform, but rather a social business-networking platform that enables connecting with the industry leaders for the sake of job seeking. The major companies like Philips, Sony, Coca Cola, or Epic Games use their HR experts to post job ads to this platform, which is the most professional social-business network. You can use it for free, though it offers premium membership. Linkedin allows you to present yourself professionally, as well as your portfolio/CV, in order to reach the potential employer who you will work for.

Cloud Peeps

Cloud Peeps enables easier matching of your skills with the business enterprises that need the skills you have so the time for the process of recruitment could be decreased to a minimum. Once you fill out the profile with the skills, knowledge, education and work experience, the platform tries to match the best job for your profile. Then, a company contacts you regarding the job. If you show your best at the interview, you can start working right away! The employers have the full insight into the freelancers’ database, meaning they can quickly find you if they need you!


Indeed it is a company with multiple offices throughout the USA and it started operating in 2004! The company uses search-engine job listings to provide a list of jobs to freelancers who are looking for a job. At the start, the website only listed the jobs. However, it allows you to apply for the job directly at the website by uploading your resume and cover letter!

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