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Auralcrave is the most popular webzine about music, movies, tv, literature and art in Italy. Now also in english.

We publish intriguing stories about everything that is beautiful, offering new perspectives of what you love. A different way to enjoy the contact with our passions.

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Auralcrave is a powerful media 2.0 for bringing visibility to products, events, initiatives that can raise the interest of readers. If you want to submit proposals, obtain a sponsored article, for partnerships and advertising, contact us by mail:


Auralcrave is not a newspaper and it is not updated periodically. The opinions expressed on Auralcrave are intended as personal opinions of the authors and they are not meant to offend or hurt any individual or category. Auralcrave content may change over time. The use that readers make of Auralcrave’s contents id the sole responsibility of the readers themselves. Reading Auralcrave opens the mind, but the result is not guaranteed as it depends mainly on the mind of the reader. Which, however, we fully trust.

Auralcrave is a brand registered by Carlo Affatigato

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