The song in the new 2023 Peloton commercial

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Every time Peloton releases a new commercial, the whole Internet moves synchronously, trying to discover the exciting song in the background. The sports equipment brand has a unique ability to find tracks full of energy that make you stand up from the sofa, dragged by music and adrenaline, and the ad released in November 2023 is no exception. This time, the song comes from 2007: let’s discover it.

You can watch the new Peloton commercial released in November 2023 here on Youtube.

What’s the song in the new 2023 Peloton commercial?

The song featured in the new Peloton commercial released in November 2023 is Tambourine by American hip-hop singer Eve. You can listen to the song in the original version below. However, the version you hear in the Peloton commercial is the song’s radio edit, available here for you to listen to.

Eve - Tambourine (Official Music Video)

Eve is an American rapper who rose to prominence in the late 90s. One of her most famous songs, probably the one you know her for, is Let Me Blow Ya Mind, released in 2001 as a collaboration with Gwen Stefani (you can find it here). Other songs that made the rapper famous worldwide are Who’s That Girl? and Gangsta Lovin’ with Alicia Keys, all released at the beginning of the 2000s. Tambourine was released in 2007 as a non-album single and was considered one of the best songs of the year. Swizz Beatz and Sean Garrett have collaborated with Eve for the song’s production.

The lyrics you hear in the commercial are the following, taken from the central part of the song:

Get low, get low, then pick up, pick up
Get your hands in the air, it’s a stick-up stick-up
Shake your tambourines, moving quicker, quicker
Yeah, I’m shaking down the town, get the picture, picture?
Moving on the floor, gotta love that
How she keep it going on? Gotta love that
To the beat like a pro, know you love that
She can shake it to the floor, gotta love that
Get ya on the dance floor
Dance on the dance floor
Move ’em out the way
If they ain’t doing it how you want yours
You ain’t got to ask, keep giving more
Don’t need my permission, y’all heard
What you waiting for?

Shake your tambourine go and get yourself a whistle and
Shake your tambourine go and get yourself a whistle and

The song is a straightforward invitation to dance and “shake your tambourines,” a metaphor for a part of your body you can probably imply by the context. It’s one of those tracks that are not supposed to convey a particular meaning: as a catchy song that wants to make you dance, it perfectly fits the spirit of the new Peloton commercial released in 2023. With the added value that now you may have rediscovered a hit you forgot about.

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