The beautiful Hobby Lobby Christmas 2023 commercial

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It’s Christmas time, and all brands are doing their best to release the commercial that will become memorable for this particular time of the year. Capital One already has a considerable advantage with John Travolta playing Santa with a Saturday Night fever, but if you are more into moving ads that bring tears to your eyes, you are probably loving the Hobby Lobby Christmas 2023 commercial: a scene from real life, a small family, and a teenager who prepares a surprise for his mother. Let’s see it together.

Christmas Commercial 2023 | Hobby Lobby®

Hobby Lobby released the Christmas 2023 commercial in November. The dull colors we see at the beginning immediately send a clear message: a single mom is doing her best in the early morning, trying to tide up home before leaving for work. She’s a nurse and will spend the entire day at the hospital instead of enjoying time with her teenage kid.

The kid wakes up; he has breakfast alone in the living room. He sees the naked Christmas tree standing in a corner and the basket of clothes to be washed. It doesn’t look like the best Christmas time a kid could wish for, right? Nevertheless, the smart boy has a terrific idea: he will prepare everything for his mom’s return, turning the ordinary elements of their everyday life into something special.

He takes his bike and buys some Christmas decorations at the nearest Hobby Lobby store; he prepares the best tree he’s ever seen, and presents are ready to be opened. He doesn’t even forget duties: he takes care of the clothes to wash. When his mother comes home after a long working day, she sees a home immersed in warm colors, a beautiful Christmas tree, and a fantastic boy dressed for her. The clothes are now clean, folded, and presented in a fancy ribbon bow.

The message the Hobby Lobby Christmas 2023 commercial wants to convey is evident in the final tagline: Christmas is what you make it. You have decisional power over it, whatever your life conditions are. It’s the magic of this particular time of the year: a small, symbolic act can turn an ordinary day into something incredible. And touch a chord with the whole American audience.

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