Jack Plotnick, the actor in the Allstate podcast commercial

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There is a particular type of commercial that comes out with the intentional purpose of annoying those who watch them. It’s fun to read people’s comments online, complaining and attacking the guy in that commercial just because he’s playing the part he was asked to. It’s more or less what happened in October 2023 with the new Allstate commercial, and that guy who knows there is a podcast about any single topic that can come to your mind. “Those are the people who know you are in good hands with Allstate,” says the tagline at the end of the ad. It’s normal to be curious about the actor who plays the podcast expert in that commercial: he’s Jack Plotnick; let’s discover more about him.

The actor in the Allstate podcast commercial

The actor playing the podcast expert guy in the 2023 Allstate commercial is American actor Jack Plotnick. He has appeared in various films and television shows, often known for his quirky and comedic roles: some of his notable film credits include Girls Will Be Girls (where he played the lead role of Evie Harris), Gods and Monsters, Wrong (directed by Quentin Dupieux), and appearances in movies like Rubber and Down with Love. You can watch him as Evie, the blond girl in Girls Will Be Girls, in the scene below.

Girls Will Be Girls: Girl Stalk, Part I (of 2)

Jack Plotnick has also made guest appearances on popular television shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Mentalist, and Reno 911. In addition to his acting career, Jack Plotnick has been involved in writing, directing, and producing. He hosts acting workshops and published the book New Thoughts For Actors as a way to contribute to developing the new generation of actors. You can find out more about him on his official website, and here you have his drama reel, showing his flexibility for those roles.

In the 2023 Allstate commercial, Jack Plotnick plays an annoying guy who gives free suggestions about all the podcasts he knows. Because there is a podcast for everything, and he knows them all. His character doesn’t attract empathy, but that’s not Allstate’s intention: the insurance wants to present a character who knows everything, with a perfect sense of judgment that makes him sure Allstate is the right choice. It’s part of the series of commercials Allstate released this year, all with smarty-pants characters who want to teach us something: the series includes the actress of the “not going to fit” commercial and the guy who knows roads better than the navigator.

Podcast About That: 30

Allstate always makes us smile. Even when they are actually trying to annoy us with their unique characters.

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