The song in the 2023 Amazon “polar plunge” commercial

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Amazon always spoils us, in many ways. Not only allowing us to get anything we want with just one click, but also with their commercial campaigns: very often, the online shopping giant releases ads with a precise idea, fun to watch, and a background song that opens new horizons for us. It happened again in October 2023, with the “Polar Plunge” commercial and a song by Run The Jewels that deserved more attention. Let’s discover it.

Are you looking for the song in the 2023 Amazon holiday commercial with the llama?
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The song in the 2023 Amazon “polar plunge” commercial

The song featured in the new Amazon “polar plunge” commercial released in October 2023 is Ohh LA LA by Run The Jewels. You can listen to it in full streaming below.

Run The Jewels "Ooh LA LA" feat. Greg Nice & DJ Premier (Official Music Video)

Run the Jewels is an American hip-hop duo consisting of two famous rappers, El-P and Killer Mike. They formed in 2013 and have released several highly acclaimed albums over the years. Their music is known for its socially conscious lyrics, dense wordplay, and unique production style. The duo often addresses political and social issues, including police violence, racism, and economic inequality.

Ohh La La was released by Run The Jewels in 2020 as the second single from their fourth album, Run The Jewels 4. However, the “Ohh La La” that gave the title to their song is a sample from another classic hip hop song, DWYCK by Gang Starr, released in 1992. You can hear it in the original single here on Youtube (minute 1:08). That’s why the track is presented as a collaboration with Greg Nice and DJ Premier: Greg is the rapper who sings that line in the original song, and DJ Premier is the producer who created that beat.

The Amazon commercial featuring the song by Run The Jewels presents an interesting product to buy in preparation for your next polar plunge. If you really want to experience the thrill of your next jump in icy cold water, the best you can do is get rid of the hair you don’t need in your body so you can enjoy the feeling without obstacles. The ad’s protagonist buys an electric shaver to have “less hair.” We don’t know where he exactly used it, but we can all imagine. All this becomes an excellent promotion for Amazon’s “early holiday deals.”

So you have an original idea, the execution of a commercial that visually hits you, and a song that stays stuck in your memory: Amazon did it again.

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