The hilarious “Lil Baby Kay Kay” NFL commercial

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Nothing is funnier than someone annoyed by how others mock him. So when Fox Sports wanted to show how their NFL broadcasters enjoy time together after the camera is off, one of their best ideas was about the team jackets: in their 2023 commercial, Greg Olsen hands over the new jackets to his colleagues Erin Andrews, Kevin Burkhardt, and Tom Rinaldi. But who gets the “Lil Baby Kay Kay” jacket is not really happy. Let’s understand what happened.

You can watch the Fox Sports NFL commercial with the “Lil Baby Kay Kay” jacket below in this article.

The hilarious “Lil Baby Kay Kay” NFL commercial

The protagonists of the Fox Sports NFL commercial with the “Lil Baby Kay Kay” jacket are broadcasters Erin Andrews, Kevin Burkhardt, Greg Olsen, and Tom Rinaldi. The advertisement campaign is conceived as a way to show how the four TV personalities have fun together independently from their job.

The hilarious moment in the commercial is when Kevin Burkhardt receives his team jacket: the nickname written on top is “Lil Baby Kay Kay,” and Kevin doesn’t seem really happy about how they identified him in the caricature. “Why does it say Lil Baby Kay Kay?”

Who answers is Erin Andrews, and the way she explains it seems so obvious. “That’s your nickname. I’m Ace, Tom is Rhino, Greg is Greginator, and OBVIOUSLY, you are Lil Baby Kay Kay.” The funny aspect of the exchange is that everyone gets a nickname that easily fits their persona, with Erin recognized as the ace sportscaster and Tom and Greg nicknamed after their real names. Everyone except Kevin Burkhardt, who gets a nickname that arbitrarily mocks him as a little baby. He complains, of course, but Erin makes it look so normal. “You are Lil Baby Kay Kay.” And the other colleagues don’t help him. “It’s a done deal,” says Tom. You can’t argue with jackets, Lil Baby Kay Kay,” insists Greg. And that’s where Kevin Burkhardt leaves the room, visibly angry.

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The commercial aired on Fox Sports in October 2023 and immediately hit the spot, with fans running online, trying to watch it again. Another commercial was released as part of the same campaign, insisting on the absurd interactions among the four broadcasters, and even there, Kevin Burkhardt is always the one alone against the other three. The other commercial is about the catchphrases they make up for when they are live. You can watch it here on Twitter.

It’s a thriving commercial campaign, and NFL fans just can’t get enough of Kevin Burkhardt being annoyed by the other three broadcasters: we have no doubt his “Lil Baby Kay Kay” nickname is going to stick for a while.

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