Sauce Gardner in the 2023 Buffalo Wild Wings commercial

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Buffalo Wild Wings launched the new commercial campaign in August 2023, and the buzz on social networks was immediate. After all, it’s pretty uncommon to see a “wild-winged buffalo walking into a bar,” talking with people there, and shouting at the TV. Among the usual share of people who loved and hated the ad, there is curiosity about who is in the commercial and who’s the voice actor behind the protagonist, Hank. One of the most popular clips is the one where the animal complains to the guy sitting next to him about the foul called in the match. “The guy” is Sauce Gardner, and he will explain everything about roughing the passer. Let’s discover all the details.

You can watch the 2023 Buffalo Wild Wings commercial with Sauce Gardner below in this article.

Sauce Gardner in the 2023 Buffalo Wild Wings commercial: but who’s Hank’s voice?

The guy sitting next to Hank the Buffalo in the 2023 Buffalo Wild Wings commercial is American football cornerback Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner. Gardner is not new to the advertising world: we saw him already the year before, always for Buffalo Wild Wings, with this commercial where he told us that “everything is better with sauce.”

This time, Sauce Gardner shows his expertise with Hank, the winged buffalo sitting beside him. The animal is angry: he didn’t understand why a foul was called the football match, and Gardner tries to explain the rule of “roughing the passer.” The rule is simple, but the animal seems to have a hard time understanding it, even proposing some ridiculous, alternative scenario nobody ever thought about.


Who’s the actor who voices Hank? That’s Beck Bennett, the American comedian best known for his presence at Saturday Night Live, where he appeared from 2013 to 2021. His voice is widely recognizable, and most viewers caught him before finding confirmation online.

The truth is that the most discussed aspect of this commercial was another one: through this commercial, many people noticed that the animal Hank, and the one in the Buffalo Wild Wings, is not actually a buffalo. He looks much more like a bison, with shorter horns and a hump between his shorter. People got so passionate about this “identity theft” that they even filed a petition on, already in 2020. Once again, the commercial offered the opportunity to learn more about buffaloes and bison: you can learn the three main differences between them in this educational video on

Now you know everything about the 2023 Buffalo Wild Wings: you can go out explaining the “roughing the passer” rule as Sauce Gardner did, you can announce Beck Bennett as the voice behind Hank, and you can even teach everybody the difference between a buffalo and a bison. That’s enough sharp knowledge for today.

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