The most popular theme parks in the world

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We are all little children, and few of us can resist the temptation to ride the famous roller coasters with the wind, tickle our nerves with a visit of scary, long-extinct monsters, or find ourselves in a fairy tale. Let’s go back to childhood for a while and find out what the world’s most famous parks are available today for visiting, where we can take our kids, and where we will get a storm of inexpressible emotions.

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Why themed amusement parks are in high demand?

Themed amusement parks have captured the hearts of millions worldwide, offering immersive experiences that go beyond mere rides. Here’s why they remain trendy:

  • Immersive Storytelling: Themed parks transport visitors to fantastical realms, telling compelling stories through meticulously designed environments and attractions.
  • Memorable Characters: Beloved characters from movies, books, and folklore come to life, creating magical encounters for visitors, especially children.
  • Unique Attractions: Themed parks often feature exclusive rides and shows tailored to the theme, offering an unparalleled entertainment experience.
  • Emotional Connection: Visitors form emotional connections with the themes, reliving cherished moments and creating lasting memories with family and friends.
  • Variety of Experiences: From thrilling roller coasters to interactive exhibits, themed parks cater to diverse tastes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  • Special Events: Seasonal events, festivals, and character meet-and-greets enhance the overall experience, enticing visitors to return multiple times a year.
  • Merchandise and Souvenirs: Themed parks offer a unique inventory, allowing visitors to take home a piece of their favourite fantasy world, further deepening their connection.

In essence, themed amusement parks offer a captivating blend of storytelling, entertainment, and emotional engagement, making them an irresistible choice for individuals seeking enchanting escapades and unforgettable moments.


Perhaps the first place to mind regarding amusement parks is “Disneyland”. As it turns out, it’s not the only one of its kind. Three of the six parts of the world have their counterparts to the famous amusement centre. The first Walt Disney Park appeared in the Californian city of Anaheim (USA) in the middle of the XX century, even during the lifetime of the great animator.

The largest can rightly be called the park in Florida, the second Walt Disney World, spread over 121.7 square kilometres. The following Disney park was built outside America – in Tokyo (Japan) in the 80s of the last century.

Then, erecting an analog of the American original in Europe was the turn. The choice fell on France. It was in Paris in 1992 that the most popular and visited park on the European continent was opened. In the early 2000s, there was another “Asian” prototype of the legendary park – “Disneyland in Hong Kong” (China). Japanese and Chinese prototypes have their zest – oriental flavour, which, first of all, can be traced in the menu of cafes and restaurants: mainly national cuisine is available. Each of the parks dedicated to Disney’s creation and characters is divided into similar themed zones, among them: “Main Street”, “Adventureland”, “Fantasyland”, “Futureland” and others.


Another group of themed amusement parks is dedicated to the LEGO constructor, a favourite of many children. From it are made attractions, recreated mini-copies of famous landmarks, and organized playgrounds where everyone can build their own “constructor” world. The territories of such parks are enormous in addition to attractions and thematic areas, stores and hotels, cafés and restaurants, and sometimes, water parks and botanical gardens. The first park was opened in the homeland of LEGO – in Denmark, in the city of Billund, back in 1968. The following “Legoland” appeared in England, in the neighbouring capital Windsor, 28 years later.

In 2002, a similar park was built in Günzburg (Germany). And shortly before that, the first “Legoland” outside of Europe – in California. On the territory of the United States, there is a second analog of the Lego Park, opened in Florida in 2011. In September 2012, the first Lego park in Asia was erected. It is located in the south of Malaysia in the state of Joho. In 2016 and 2017, parks from the constructor were recently built in the Middle East (Dubai) and Japan (Nagoya). Most of the rides and themed areas in Legolands around the world are located outdoors, so the parks are available mainly in the warm season and before visiting, it is worth checking their opening hours.

Universal Studios

One of Hollywood’s oldest and most famous movie studios has its own theme parks. There, you can find characters from popular movies and cartoons walking around the park or represented in rides and scenery. The most visited are considered to be: “Ugly I” and “Shrek,” “The Simpsons” and “Snoopy,” “Jurassic Park” and “Jaws,” “Transformers” and “Revenge of the Mummy.”

Bright and memorable characters will accompany you the whole day, and even more than one, because there are hotels on the adjacent territory where you can spend a few days in the entertainment world.

The first such park was created at the movie studio in Los Angeles. The state of Florida chose the next place of dislocation for the entertainment complex, specifically the city of Orlando. In 1990, it opened a theme park, and five years later, began construction of its second part, known today as “Islands of Adventure”. The first analog of the garden outside the U.S. appeared in 2001 in Osaka, Japan. In 2010, the prototype of the entertainment complex of the American film studio was erected in Singapore (Southeast Asia).