Impossible is nothing: the Adidas commercial with babies

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A beautiful commercial aired in October 2023, spreading pride and determination in kids and parents worldwide. It was Adidas, releasing a fascinating commercial with babies, with a fresh interpretation of their famous tagline, “Impossible is nothing.” With a perspective we all have behind our eyes in our everyday life: the way babies are born unable to do anything and then learning for the rest of their lives. Let’s discover what happened.

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Impossible is nothing: the Adidas commercial with babies

The 2023 Adidas commercial with babies features their famous tagline, “Impossible is nothing,” and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The ad aired on American TV in October 2023 and immediately became viral on social networks.

“Impossible is nothing” has been Adidas’ most recognizable tagline since 2004. It often featured famous athletes fighting against their natural limits, trying to reach the challenging goals they set for themselves. The choice of words is interesting: it’s not just “nothing is impossible,” which is a typical expression among people, but “impossible is nothing,” adding a new shade of meaning. The idea is that the word “impossible” is overrated; it communicates a sense of limitation that we must refuse. From this point of view, the best mindset is considering that word useless. It’s “nothing.”

The 2023 Adidas commercial reinterprets the tagline with a symbol we all have behind our eyes every day: babies. When they are born, babies cannot do much. They can’t stand, walk, or hold balance and coordination. In the first months of their lives, everything seems impossible for little humans. But their growth process proves that the concept of “impossible” is relative. They’ll grow, and day after day, they’ll learn that what they considered impossible yesterday becomes done today.

The commercial ends with a baby watching a football match on television. One of his icons appears on screen: Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL. As we know, Mahomes is not just one of the most popular football players of our times. He also plays often in American commercials: we saw him often this year, for example, in the State Farm commercial with Andy Reid or promoting Subway sandwiches.

Therefore, we have an iconic athlete, a meaningful tagline, and the presence of babies that catch immediate attention: the 2023 Adidas commercial with Patrick Mahomes refreshes their famous concept, “impossible is nothing.” And we now have perfectly clear what they mean by that.