Andy Reid & Patrick Mahomes: the State Farm commercial

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You don’t always need a shocking idea or an innovative perspective to make a commercial memorable. Sometimes, the message is clear and straightforward, and it’s enough to put together two or three recognizable faces, and that’s it. In September 2023, State Farm Insurance released a new ad promoting their bundle product, and well, the simplest way to explain was to let Jake from State Farm, coach Andy Reid, and quarterback Patrick Mahomes sit together in a fast food restaurant. Let’s see what happened.

You can watch the 2023 State Farm commercial with Jake, Andy Reid, and Patrick Mahomes at the end of this article.

Andy Reid & Patrick Mahomes in the 2023 State Farm commercial

The protagonists of the 2023 State Farm commercial about the “combo meal” are the Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid, their quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and the classic testimonial Jake from State Farm. They sit together in a fast food restaurant, and coach Reid asks Jake and Patrick to explain “this bundling thing again.”

The promotion is easy, but the comedy of the situation requires Andy Reid to play the part of the “distracted” man who needs a clear explanation. So Jake and Patrick use a metaphor: it’s like when you go to a fast food restaurant and order a combo meal, burger + fries, instead of buying them separately. You can get a discounted price. The same applies if you get insurance with State Farm for both your car and home – that’s what the commercial is about. And you can find the bundle offers directly on their official website.

The hilarious part is all on Andy Reid’s shoulders, obviously. For the whole duration of the commercial, Andy Reid keeps eating the fries and the burger that Jake from State Farm and Patrick Mahomes show him. Because, well, the metaphor looks delicious. And when they are done, Reid clarifies how he’s just playing a part: let’s explain it again, but this time with the nuggets.

The commercial was shot around June in a HiBoy Drive-In in Kansas City, and the restaurant was closed for the whole day, entirely dedicated to State Farm. A little break from routines for all local football fans.

Combo Meal Nuggies (feat. Andy Reid & Patrick Mahomes) | State Farm® Commercial

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