Netflix’s 2023 movie Nowhere, the cast: meet Anna Castillo

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The movie Nowhere has landed on Netflix on September 2023, promising to be one of the dystopian movies of the year for the streaming platform. The plot follows Mia, a pregnant woman who’s trying to escape Spain after an authoritarian regime is hunting older people, kids, and women, trying to kill them as a way to react to a mysterious shortage of resources. In the cast, the protagonist is interpreted by Anna Castillo, a performance that convinced everybody. Let’s discover who she is and her other movies and TV shows.

Netflix’s 2023 movie Nowhere, the cast: meet Anna Castillo

In the cast of the 2023 Netflix movie Nowhere, the protagonist Mia is interpreted by the Spanish actress Anna Castillo. Anna was born in Barcelona in 1993: when Nowhere landed on Netflix, she was 29.

Anna Castillo has been active as an actress since 2009, when she was 16. She started studying acting already when she was seven. In her life, she’s been also a singer, as part of the band sp3. Over the years, she played in many Spanish movies and TV series. For one of them, The Olive Tree, in 2016, she won the Goya Award as best new actress. You can recognize her in the official trailer, here on Youtube.

We saw her recently on Netflix: she was Margot in the movie A Perfect Story, released in July 2023. A peculiar film based on a Spanish book, with a double ending that we explained in the article below.

In A Perfect Story, she plays with Álvaro Mel, her partner also in real life. YOu can see their double interview in this video by Vanity Fair Spain.

With Nowhere, Anna Castillo becomes again a recognizable face worldwide, with a movie available on streaming in all Netflix countries. You can follow her career on the Spanish Wikipedia and IMDb. She’s also on Instagram.

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