Penelope Cruz, actress in the 2023 Emirates commercial

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“Cruzing onboard Emirates”: the new commercial campaign launched by Emirates in the summer of 2023 has surprised everybody with the presence of a famous actress as a brand ambassador. A face that many of us recognized immediately, whereas many others were in doubt about her identity. She’s the famous Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, a perfect personality for these ads. Let’s see what happened.

You can watch one of the commercials with Penelope Cruz released by Emirates in 2023 at the end of this article.

Penelope Cruz is the actress in the 2023 Emirates commercial

The new brand ambassador announced by Emirates for the 2023 commercial campaign is the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. The partnership was announced officially by the Middle East airline in May 2023, with this article on their website, and the actress expressed her satisfaction about it with these words:

“I’m thrilled to partner with Emirates after years of traveling with them on some of the most special trips in my life.”

The airline company announced the new commercial campaign through this playlist on Youtube: 20 short commercial clips where Penelope Cruz shows all the reasons why flying with Emirates is a beautiful experience. The movie choices, the food, the comfort, even the possibility to take a shower on the flight. A series of specialties that this airline can offer to its customers, presented by the Spanish actress with her unique elegance.

After all, Penelope Cruz is one of the most flexible and talented actresses of our time. She has received numerous awards for her acting, including an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 2008 film Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She’s known for her versatility and ability to portray a wide range of characters.

The Emirates ads with Penelope Cruz were directed by Robert Stromberg, who worked as a designer, special effects artist, and director in movies like Avatar, Life of Pi, Alice in Wonderland, Memoirs of a Geisha, and many others.

With the commercial campaign launched in 2023, Emirates shows Penelope Cruz in her usual great shape, presenting their flying experience as a luxury we can all have.

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