Jason Bateman & Sean Hayes in the Verizon commercial

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You can immediately recognize when a commercial stars real actors. A professional is able to make you laugh with a facial expression or a single movement, and that’s why brands are happy to involve a good actor in their ads. In September 2023, people had the chance to notice this difference with the new Verizon commercial starring the American actors Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes. Let’s see what happened.

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You can watch the 2023 Verizon commercial with Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes at the end of this article.

Jason Bateman & Sean Hayes, the actors in the 2023 Verizon commercial

The actors starring in the 2023 Verizon commercial about iPhone 15 Pro Titanium are the American actors Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes. Together, they create a hilarious situation spinning around Sean’s wish to get the new iPhone.

The concept is straightforward: Verizon offers the possibility to trade your old iPhone with a brand new iPhone 15 Pro if you buy it with their special offer. The new iPhone 15 Pro Titanium is a recent release, and Apple has already promoted it heavily with this commercial.

Presented as an easy chance to get the new iPhone, the Verizon commercial shows an absurd situation where one of the protagonists, Sean Hayes, disrupts kids’ birthday parties, blowing on their candles and “stealing their wishes.” Apparently, that’s the solution Sean has found so far to increase the chances of getting the new iPhone. Luckily, Jason Bateman was around: he grabs him apart and explains everything about the new Verizon offer. Sean Hayes is so happy he can get the new iPhone now, but he still seems to enjoy ruining kids’ parties: Jason needs to pull him hard from the party table, in a hilarious ending.

Jason Bateman has been active as an actor since 1981, with many movies and TV shows interpreted during his long career. He gained widespread recognition for his role as Michael Bluth in the critically acclaimed television series Arrested Development, which aired from 2003 to 2019 (here is a video from the series’ official channel where you’ll immediately remember him). His performance in the show earned him several award nominations and praise from critics. Among the other productions he’s famous for, you may remember him also in Juno, Hancock, and Ozark.

Similarly, Sean Hayes is also an experienced actor in the world of movies and TV shows. He is best known for his role as Jack McFarland on the popular television series Will & Grace (here you find a selection of his best scenes from the show). He has also appeared in movies like The Bucket List, Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss, and The Three Stooges, and he’s provided voice work for animated films like Monsters University.

Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes are working together in the comedy podcast SmartLess, together with another actor we know well from the advertising world: Will Arnett, the actor in the recent Geico commercial. You can hear all their voices in the podcast trailer here on Youtube.

By involving Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes, Verizon had the chance to show how the two actors can work well together in a commercial. It’s a short sitcom lasting only 30 seconds, but we already wish to see more from them soon. Good job!

“Wishes” :30 | Verizon (iPhone 15 Pro)

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