The Continental & John Wick: here is the hotel in New York

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The Continental is the TV series that landed on Peacock in September 2023, promising to continue the adrenaline from the world of John Wick successfully. You don’t have the protagonist of the movies, Keanu Reeves as John Wick, but you can follow the events that preceded him in the story, discovering how the continental became what it was in the movies. Many characters are inherited from the films (with different actors), but the biggest curiosity was about the hotel: the building is fascinating, and we all know it’s in New York, but how do we find it? Let’s discover it together.

You can watch the official trailer for The Continental here on YouTube.

The Continental & John Wick: where is the hotel in New York?

The Continental Hotel from the universe of John Wick is set in a residential building in New York, 1 Wall Street Court. Also called Beaver Building or Cocoa Exchange, the building was used in the past by American corporations for their offices and headquarters, but since 2006, it’s been a residential complex for individuals. No hotels are currently present in that building.

You can read the history of that building from the dedicated page on Wikipedia. The building was built between 1903 and 1904, in the small space at the intersection of two streets in the Wall Street district, Pearl and Beaver Streets. Over the years, the building has been picked by corporations like the Munson Steamship Line, which owned the entire building from 1919 to 1937. Starting from 1931, the Beaver Building hosted the New York Cocoa Exchange. In the 2000s, the installation went under a renovation that converted it into a residential structure: today, it hosts 126 apartments dedicated to individuals.

No commercial activities are present in the building, which made the choice easier for the John Wick franchise: the exterior of the building has been used as the entry of the Continental Hotel. The shape of the building is visually fascinating because it develops inside the small intersection between Pearl Street and Beaver Street. It’s a 15-story building measuring 205 feet (62 m) in height, and seeing it so close to the other facilities makes it a landmark building in New York.

It’s worth mentioning that only the exterior has been used as the Continental Hotel in the John Wick universe. For all the scenes inside the hotel, many other buildings have been used: one of them is the Cunard Building, also in New York City. When John Wick’s productions moved to other cities, other locations were used: for example, John Wick 2 shot several scenes in Rome, one of which was set in the Italian capital’s 5-star Grand Hotel Plaza.

With John Wick and The Continental, the Beaver Building in New York has become a tourist attraction, as a recognizable structure inside one of the most dynamic cities in the world. You find it also on TripAdvisor.

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