Of the absolute

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Nothingness is the paradoxical and paroxical state of the All; it is everything that is not the All, including the All.

The All belittles the Nothing, is a lacquered nail of it, its mocking caricature; it is deceived by the Nothing and rendered useless, inept, incapable, a harbinger always of metamorphosis.

There is no correspondence between All and Nothing, the All is a missing part of Nothing, is deficiency of Nothing. How does the All become the deficiency of Nothingness?

The postulant of Nothingness?

Precisely by the metamorphosis that perpetrates the continuous and omnipotent deception caused by the self/paration from Nothingness.

Is the All is perhaps the gangrene of Nothingness?

It derives from the self-limitation of Nothingness.

From the self-limitation of Nothingness.

Gottfried Helnwein, The Golden Age 39 (Marilyn Manson), photograph, 2003

The Nothing dwells in itself, perfect mirror until its perfection no longer coincides with the infinite mirroring selves. The All is born out of an imperfection of Nothingness, out of a glimpse born by breaking a mirror fragment; that fragment is the All, wandering lost in search of all other fragments. The fragment is an imperfection.

This imperfection is the Nothingness of Nothingness that is self-limiting, that is, it loses the Absolute, the Stillness.

The All is a violation of Absolute.

What can Nothing violate but itself, the Absolute?

The Absolute denies the All and precisely in denying it, splinters a fragment of Nothingness.

The Nothing therefore begins. But this Beginning has yet to begin, for it has never begun.

All Nothingness returns to itself, the Absolute, and it is in this that the unfolding of all Beginnings that never find a beginning is embraced, among them the going of entities toward the beginning. Nothing is necessary, because Everything is necessary. If Everything is, because deceived by Nothingness, it is Nothingness that deceives itself, Everything therefore is in Nothingness, without doubt and without necessity, but as the self-limiting of the Absolute.

The All is radically impossible. It is possible only because it is determined as impossible, already decided in the Absolute, which is the Omnidetermination, the transcendence of impossibility.

Nicola Samorì, Ultima Scena, 2020

Freedom is only in Nothingness.

The Nothing and the All are therefore the same thing, they are the Absolute One, and therefore that which is, the entity belongs both to the dimension of the All and to that of the Nothing, in the one active, in the other in potency, in the one as in the other, to infinite and eternal illiberal manifestation and measure.

It is the commensurate-thinking-that cannot enter the immeasurable (although it is an expression of self-limitation, all that does not access the Absolute insofar as it is self-limiting), but it can hypothesize its otherness, its limitlessness, precisely by being what determines itself there.

What, what is it that determines Absolute Thought in thought?

The Absolute consciousness in finite consciousnesses?

Alfio Giurato, Testa, 2017

The unlimited that is self-limiting, the imperturbable that is self-quiet, the access of the infinite to the finite that opens and unveils finiteness as self-limitation of infinitude, that which makes Nothing and Everything possible, infinite actualization of the Absolute in Itself as Power.

In the immeasurable, therefore, decay, decay, corruption is possible, which occurs because at the very moment it is Exit, the Absolute is Entrance, and from the divarication between the two components an infinite Energy is created (which could be called ‚ÄúLove,‚ÄĚ Absolute momentum), Infinite Potentiality unfolds in the Beginning of every beginning.

It is in the Beginning of this Power that Everything becomes Nothingness and vice versa, and Love unfolds in its Inexistence, as Inexistence. The Energy unfolds and annihilates.

The Nothing and the All are impossible, they are the negation of the Absolute which is self-limiting there by creating the Absolute Beginning, because the Absolute All can, making the impossible possible, namely the All the Nothing and vice versa.