Killer Book Club plot & ending explained: Sebas & Alicia

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Killer Book Club has definitely been one of the horror events of 2023. Landed on Netflix in August, the movie is based on the book of the same name written by Gillian Pachter, with a fascinating, mysterious story involving a series of murders, a villain with a clown mask, and an intriguing story. In this article, we will recap the plot, the ending, and all the elements that must be explained: Who was the Mad Clown? Why was Angela the target? Who are Sebas and Alicia? Here, you’ll find everything you need to know.

You can watch the official trailer for Killer Book Club here on Youtube.

Killer Book Club plot & ending explained: Sebas & Alicia, Angela & the clown

In the plot of Killer Book Club, we follow the adventure of a group of eight book lovers who get involved in a scary situation. After playing a prank on their professor, they end up killing him, and right after that, a mysterious clown plans to kill them all as revenge, describing how he kills them in a book he progressively publishes online. For most of the plot, we don’t understand who the clown could be and why he’s obsessed with the eight kids: the movie tends to raise suspicions about Nando, Angela’s boyfriend, but the truth is different.

The reason why the clown targets the book club is explained at the ending of Killer Book Club, and it belongs to a story that took place years before. Behind the killer clown, there are Sebas and Alicia. Alicia is a girl Angela met online years back, with a complicated domestic situation. Angela secretly used her story for a book she published, pushing Alicia to take revenge on Angela. Together with her boyfriend Sebas, Alicia simulates a fire so everybody will believe she’s dead. Then Sebas and Alicia start planning their revenge: years later, Alicia will become Virginia and will be part of the book club with Sebas, close to Angela (who’s unaware of everything). So the killer clown, a creation by Sebas and Alicia, has been planning the revenge for years. As we see in the movie’s opening scene, when Alicia sets the house on fire, a clown named “Gacy” writes in the chat that “she will be the one to die,” referring to Angela.

In the present, Sebas and Alicia/Virginia are now ready to realize their revenge. Sebas writes the mail that will lead Professor Cruzado to attempt to rape her, then proposes the clown prank. During the prank, Sebas kills the Professor. The day after, the killer clown enters the scene, announcing that he will kill all members of the club and will write a new chapter of the book for every murder. It’s precisely what Alicia predicted years before: she will write a book that will make Angela suffer more than anything. It’s the book written by the killer clown, Alicia and Sebas together. All members of the book club are potential writers, but this way, Sebas and Alicia are the ones who manage to write a promising horror novel.

Sebas is clever, and people start to suspect Nando, who gets excluded from the group. Angela trusts Sebas so much that she will even have sex with him, a development Sebas hasn’t planned. But the ending of Killer Book Club is the moment when all elements of the plot are explained: Sebas and Alicia explain everything to Angela, ready to kill her. However, the plot twist is behind the corner, Nando is still alive and kills Sebas. Right after that, Angela sets Alicia on fire.

One year later, Angela and Nando are still together, happy. The ending of Killer Book Club shows its last plot twist: in a surreal scene, Angela sees the killer clown showing its face and revealing Alicia again. Is Alicia still alive? We cannot be sure of that: maybe she is, or perhaps that’s one of Angela’s visions now that she has coulrophobia. Surely, there are enough elements for a possible sequel: we will keep you posted.

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