Who Is Erin Carter? The plot recap & ending explained

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Who Is Erin Carter? is the action TV series that landed on Netflix in August 2023. Seven episodes following the mysterious life of Erin Carter: a mom, a school teacher, and something else that comes from her past. The plot is thick and full of twists, the ending seems open, and many aspects must be explained. Let’s recap his full story in this article.

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Who Is Erin Carter? The plot recap & ending explained

At the beginning of the plot in Who Is Erin Carter?, the protagonist seems to be an ordinary school teacher, the mom of Harper, living with her husband, Jordi. But we soon realize something mysterious in her past: she helps stop a robbery in a supermarket, showing exceptional fighting skills, and one of the criminals recognizes her, calling her “Kate.” Later in the first episode, another criminal enters her house, saying she will take her daughter. Erin kills the criminal, and Emilio, Jordi’s best friend, also a policeman, helps Erin hide the body. At this moment of the plot in Who Is Erin Carter, the series hasn’t explained much, and that is where we will discover continuing the recap until the ending.

Before we arrive at the episode where we discover more about her past, we follow Erin Carter helping Emilio in one of his investigations. Emilio gets too close to a local criminal organization, and we later discover that one of the crime bosses is Mr. Daniel Lang, the father of one of Erin’s students. In the second half of Who Is Erin Carter, Lang kills Emilio. Erin will try to seek revenge for Emilio’s death, deciding not to kill Lang so his son won’t be an orphan.

In the central episode, we finally discover Erin Carter’s past in a flashback. She was an orphan trying to enter the police, but then she is recruited by the CIO, the intelligence organization that manages covert law enforcement units. She chooses the name Kate Jones and becomes a mole in a criminal gang. There, she works with Lena, and we discover that Harper is actually Lena’s daughter. The night the police break into the place where the criminals hide, Erin understands that Harper will also become an orphan. She takes Harper and escapes with the gold the gang stole. Talking with her boss at the CIO, Armstrong, she decides to run away, starting a new life. Kate Jones will no longer exist, and she decides to take the name Erin Carter, another name from the list of lost identities available when she started working at the CIO.

So she raises Harper as her daughter, together with Jordi. But Lena, Harper’s biological mother, is not dead and now wants her daughter back. This leads us to the ending of Who Is Erin Carter, which will be explained in this plot recap.

In the second part of the series, the plot twist is that Lena collaborates with Daniel Lang. They both want Erin dead: Lena wants her daughter back, and we discover that Daniel was the man behind the gold robbery that involved Lena and Erin/Kate five years before. When Daniel discovers that from Lena, he orders to kill Erin, agreeing with Lean that she will take Harper.

The ending of Who Is Erin Carter can be explained by remembering that it’s basically an action series. Lena shoots Erin after discovering where the gold is and where she can find Harper. Erin survives the many attempts to kill her, but Daniel orders to kidnap Jordi and Harper to get Erin. He also asks Lena to bring Erin to him. When Lena confronts Erin about it, they realize they want the same thing: the best for Harper. So Lena and Erin ally to free Harper and Jordi. In a final moving moment, Lena agrees to sacrifice her life to save Erin and Harper.

In the ending, Erin Carter kills Daniel Lang, and this way, nobody is after her anymore. They can all start to live free differently: now Jordi and Harper know the truth and decide to be a real family. In the series’ ending scene, we see Armstrong, Erin’s former boss at the CIO, tracking her down and implying she should start working for him again. Erin Carter refuses, but there are indeed enough elements for a possible season 2. We will keep you posted.

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