Kevin Fredericks, Ron G & the Spectrum One commercial

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The so-called Spectrum One rap commercial has aired on American TV since June 2023, progressively conquering the audience. The rap song created for the ad is obviously catchy, and people want to get more confident with the rappers performing it. An improvised band named Kev & The Kirkpatricks, featuring Kevin Fredericks, Tony Baker, Tahir Moore, and Ron G. Let’s discover more about it.

You can watch the 2023 Spectrum One rap commercial here on

Kevin Fredericks & Ron G in the Spectrum One rap commercial

The rappers singing the rap song in the 2023 Spectrum One commercial are Kevin Fredericks, Tony Baker, Tahir Moore, and Ron G, together as part of a band called Kev & The Kirkpatricks. The song is titled The One, and you can listen to it in full streaming in the video below, shared by Kevin Fredericks.

Kev & The Kirkpatricks: The One | Official Music Video

Kevin Fredericks, also known by his online pseudonym “KevOnStage,” is a comedian, actor, and social media influencer. He is known for creating and sharing humorous content on various platforms, particularly on YouTube and Instagram. You can discover more about him from his official website, where you’ll also find the book he recently wrote with his wife. KevOnStage gained popularity for his relatable and funny sketches, commentary videos, and stand-up comedy performances. He often covers topics related to everyday life, relationships, parenting, and pop culture. His engaging and light-hearted approach to comedy has garnered him a substantial following.

Together with Kevin are Ron G, Tony Baker, and Tahir Moore. They are all popular actors and stand-up comedians, perfectly matching together in the performance for the Spectrum One rap commercial. We can all see how good they are at rapping, which isn’t precisely the reason why they are well-known. Four versatile artists bringing their energy in an ad that you hardly forget. You can find out more about them on the websites below:

Ron G official website
Tony Baker official website
Tahir Moore Instagram page

The song has been written on purpose for the Spectrum One commercial, and the lyrics highlight all the unique features of the Internet connection service offered by the company. The funniest part is how everything sounds serious and stylish: everybody loved the modern R&B style the guys managed to obtain.

Kevin Fredericks, Tony Baker, Tahir Moore, and Ron G are Kev & The Kirkpatricks, performing their song The One for the Spectrum One commercial. And people are just loving it.

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