One Margarita video: Cindy Crawford & THAT Pepsi ad

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What really happened was not clear to everybody, at least in the beginning, so people naturally wanted to understand better. Everything started with an official music video released in August 2023 for a funny song already viral on TikTok, One Margarita. The video involved the presence of the actress and top model Cindy Crawford, who recreated in a modern way an iconic Pepsi commercial she shot in 1992. Let’s see what happened.

One Margarita, the official video: Cindy Crawford & THAT Pepsi commercial

First, it was the song. One Margarita was created by That Chick Angel, Casa Di, and Steve Terrell at the end of May 2023 and became viral on TikTok and other social networks during the summer. The lyrics are spicy and funny, and many girls reused them to shoot hilarious videos explaining what they do when a little alcohol enters their body (if they are still up and active when it’s time to act, of course). We explained everything in the article below, including the song’s lyrics and story.

Now, with such extensive success on the Internet, the song indeed needed an official video. Something well produced, with some elements that can let the video reach a new portion of the audience. Well, that’s precisely what they did. The official video for One Margarita was released on August 2nd, 2023, in a special remix with the rapper Saucy Santana. And the opening scene just broke the Internet. Watch the full video below.

One Margarita (Saucy Remix) [feat. Saucy Santana] - That Chick Angel, CasaDi, & Steve Terrell

At the beginning of the One Margarita video, you see the American actress and top model Cindy Crawford in great shape. Cindy Crawford is 57 but can still catch everybody’s attention if she enters a bar. And if you are there, next to her, watching her drink a margarita, your memory goes back to what she did 31 years before, when she starred in an iconic Pepsi commercial that became famous worldwide. If you don’t know that commercial, you can find it here.

And so we’ve all been caught by this initiative: a funny song that managed to show us how Cindy Crawford can still steal the spotlight today, giving at the same time the opportunity to rediscover an old classic of advertising history. Modernity, confidence, irony, and fun are all together in a video that recaps the Internet mood in 2023. Good job, everybody!

You can explore the full lyrics & meaning of One Margarita here.

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