MMJ Card Online Honest Review: Pros, Cons, How It Works

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There’s no question that the medical marijuana card industry is big business. A significant majority of American states now have an MMJ program of some kind. The process usually involves visiting a doctor for a written recommendation. Prospective patients then use this important documentation to complete their applications.

For many applicants, discussing the potential use of MMJ with a medical professional may seem daunting. Moreover, it isn’t always easy to find a cannabis-friendly physician. Fortunately, a growing number of organizations are dedicated to helping you schedule a consultation quickly and easily. Unfortunately, not all of them are of the highest quality. 

Estimates vary, but research suggests we’re closing in on four million MMJ patients. Naturally, a market this size will attract plenty of entrepreneurs looking to profit. Some of these companies genuinely have customers’ best interests at heart; others do not. Thus, it is important to thoroughly research any company you’re interested in using.

Today, I’ll check out a rising star in this particular market, MMJ Card Online. It has a clever business model and is quickly developing a positive reputation in its field. This review determines whether the praise it receives is justified or not.

Who Is MMJ Card Online?

The MMJ Card Online brand describes itself as a “leading provider” of MMJ card application services. Its goal is to simplify things for prospective patients seeking doctor’s appointments. The company acts as a one-stop shop where you can connect with licensed physicians. Patients can complete the appointment from home via telemedicine in states that permit it.

So, first things first, is MMJ Card Online legit? The answer is ‘yes.’ The organization’s CEO is Dylan Baker. He spent several years as the Content Director of WayofLeaf, one of the cannabis industry’s best-known websites. Information about Baker is readily found online, so already MMJ Card Online earns a tick in the ‘transparency’ box. 

Its legitimacy is only enhanced by the presence of Doctor Theodore F. Valley II as its main medical expert. Doctor Valley is a highly respected medical professional with over 20 years of experience in his field. 

What Does MMJ Card Online Offer?

The MMJ Card Online brand has partnered with several leading organizations within the niche, including Leafwell and Veriheal. These companies have served hundreds of thousands of medical marijuana patients to date and have earned enormous trust. Such enterprises wouldn’t risk their reputations by partnering with any company that isn’t on the level.

Indeed, MMJ Card Online itself claims to have helped over 120,000 patients already! Certainly, it has the process of applying for a medical marijuana card down to a fine art. I’m tempted to say that the following is a simplified version of what prospective patients must do. In reality, it is ALL they have to do in certain states!

  • Ensure you have one of the relevant qualifying conditions in your state and meet all other eligibility criteria.
  • On the website, type your name, email, phone number and state of residence into the “Start the MMJ Card Process” box at the top of the page.
  • Send your medical records and set up a consultation. If your state allows telemedicine for MMJ card applications, you can talk to the doctor online rather than visiting their office. 
  • You talk to the doctor about your potential usage of MMJ. They review your records, and you may know whether you’ll receive the coveted written recommendation by the end of the consultation.
  • Once you receive certification, you can complete your medical marijuana application, usually online. In some states, you only need the doctor’s certification to become an MMJ patient.

The brand offers the following benefits:

  • The ability to book an appointment at a time that suits you
  • An impressive array of payment methods
  • Extremely fast approval if you’re a legitimate patient
  • Round-the-clock service 
  • Complete privacy when you apply
  • The ability to complete the entire MMJ application process if your state allows telemedicine 
  • A money-back guarantee if you don’t receive the doctor’s certification

MMJ Card Online – My Experience

I was extremely nervous when I visited the site and hovered over the ‘Get Started’ button after including my information. Fortunately, I live in a state that allows online appointments, so I was pleased that I was avoiding the prospect of a lengthy drive to see the doctor.

When MMJ Card Online says you can expect a same-day appointment, it wasn’t kidding! I was connected with a doctor in around 25 minutes or thereabouts. For obvious reasons, I won’t go into what was discussed during the consultation in detail. All I will say is that the doctor that spoke to me was extremely courteous and compassionate.

Though, I did get the impression that she would see through anyone looking to “game the system.” While the physician asked plenty of questions (as did I) and reviewed my medical records, the time seemed to fly by. Perhaps the comfort of completing the process at home helped in this regard.

In any case, I doubt that the appointment’s duration went beyond 15 minutes. I wasn’t sure whether I would get any news that day, but instead, with a smile, the doctor announced that she would approve. I received the electronic certification in minutes and completed my online MMJ application that day.

I deliberately avoided reading MMJ Card Online reviews until I had used the service myself. So, I wasn’t surprised to read about overwhelmingly positive customer experiences, just like I had.

Final Thoughts on MMJ Card Online 

Not only is MMJ Card Online a legitimate provider, it is clearly one of the best in the business. The company is transparent, safe, and remarkably efficient. My experience is its general standard rather than being an outlier. 

It is especially useful for prospective patients in states that let you talk to a doctor online. However, even if you have to complete an in-person consultation, MMJ Card Online will connect you with a doctor in your area. As it is partnered with several companies, it ensures customers can access a wide range of medical professionals. This helps explain why the waiting times are so short. 

It offers a money-back guarantee to seal the deal, so you have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain.

While the timeframe varies from state to state, MMJ Card Online could help you complete the entire application process in one day.