Angel Reese is in the 2023 Amazon college commercial

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In July 2023, right after Amazon Prime Day, the online shopping giant released a special commercial promoting all the easy ways you can fill your college dorms with your favorite products. Two well-known personalities of female basketball star in the ad: Angel Reese and Flau’Jae Johnson. They interact, joke, and mock each other while showing how they furnish their rooms. The commercial became quite viral: let’s discover more about the protagonists.

You can watch the 2023 Amazon college commercial here on Youtube.

Angel Reese and Flau’Jae Johnson star in the 2023 Amazon college commercial

The two students featured in the 2023 Amazon “College Dormz” commercial are the American female basketball players Angel Reese and Flau’Jae Johnson. The two girls play the roles of college students who have to fill their dorms with the products they need for a pleasant life: Amazon helped her in this, shipping everything comfortably to their place after the order.

Angel Reese is a talented young basketball player from the United States. She was born in 2002: when the Amazon commercial came out, she was 21. During her high school career, Reese was considered one of the top recruits in the country and was highly sought after by many college basketball programs. Eventually, she committed to the University of Maryland.

Flau’Jae Johnson shares with Angel Reese a similar prestige. In 2023, she is 19, and her basketball career has just started: she plays for the LSU Tigers since 2022. Besides this, Flau’Jae is also a talented rapper: she continues the legacy of her father, the rapper Camoflauge, who was shot in May 2003, when Flau’Jae was only six months old. You can watch here her recent single Big 4 Anthem, where you’ll surely appreciate her exceptional rapping skills.

From this point of view, Amazon made a precise choice, picking Angel Reese and Flau’Jae Johnson for their “college dormz” commercial: the two young women perfectly represent the image of a successful girl who goes to college and needs to organize her life accordingly, so they can focus on their performances at the university. Many girls in the US relate with them, and they do a great job showing how easy everything can be. Especially if you have packages shipped directly to your door, right?

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