TSITP series & book: did Belly & Conrad sleep together?

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The Summer I Turned Pretty is definitely one of the most fascinating coming-to-age TV series of the last few years. Based on a series of three books written by the American author Jenny Han, the story follows the adventures of Belly, a teenager who turns 16 in the series’ first season. She enters a new kind of relationship with the boys she always spent the summer with, Conrad and Jeremiah, and romantic feelings arise while we follow the TV series. Belly and Conrad are the two characters that evolve most in the story, and many questions come up: did Belly & Conrad sleep together in the TV show and in the book? Who does Belly end up with? Let’s discover all answers in this article.

You can watch the first trailer for The Summer I Turned Pretty here on Youtube.

The Summer I Turned Pretty series & book: did Belly and Conrad sleep together?

Belly and Conrad are the real protagonists of The Summer I Turned Pretty, and strong feelings run between each other while we watch the series. In the summer when we start watching the events, Belly just turned 16, and she’s now a young woman, no longer a child like in the previous summer. She always had a crush on Conrad, his childhood friend, but he always saw her just as a friend. However, that’s going to change soon that summer: slowly, Conrad develops romantic feelings for Belly and the two get together in Season 1.

The big question is: did Belly and Conrad sleep together in The Summer I Turned Pretty, what happens in the series and the book? The answer is interesting because it marks one of the most significant differences between the TV show and the novels written by Jenny Han: yes, Belly and Conrad sleep together in the TV series. We discover it in a key flashback in Season 2 Episode 2, when Belly enters the house in Cousins Beach with Jeremiah, finding Conrad. 

That flashback is particularly emotional. We follow Belly and Conrad the winter after the events in the first season. The two kids go to different schools, but Conrad visits her, and we watch them in a romantic scene where they enjoy snow falling on the beach. Then they go inside and Belly explicitly drives Conrad to sleep together. Conrad is very sensitive and repeatedly asks her if she’s sure. Belly has no doubt: she tells Conrad, “I want to, I want it to be with you,” making clear that she loses her virginity with Conrad that night. It’s one of the biggest differences between the series and the books of The Summer I Turned Pretty. In the book, this doesn’t happen, and this change surprised even the actors playing Belly and Conrad in the Amazon series. 

Who does Belly ends up with in The Summer I Turned Pretty? Well, we surely know what happens in the books: if you really want the spoilers and you need to know the answer, you can read what happens on the Wikipedia page dedicated to the trilogy (you can skip directly to Conrad’s description among the characters). But we should not give for granted that the series will follow the same plot: the Amazon production has already proved it’s able to consistently change things from the books, so we will probably have to wait until Season 3 to know the answer.

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