The Out-Laws (2023) explained: how was the bank robbed?

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The Out-Laws is a delightful comedy released on Netflix in 2023. Starring Adam DeVine and Pierce Brosnan, the movie involves a couple getting married, with her parents coming to meet the groom for the first time. Owen, the future husband, will discover that Parker’s parents are famous bank robbers and will also get involved in first person in a robbery aimed at saving the bride. That bank robbery, in particular, is a bit hard to understand: let’s have this part of the plot and the movie’s ending explained in this article.

You can watch the official trailer for The Out-Laws here on Youtube.

The Out-Laws (2023) plot & ending explained: how did Owen rob the bank?

In the plot of The Out-Laws, hen Owen discovers that his fiancée’s parents, Billy and Lilly, will finally come to their wedding, he’s initially thrilled: as far as he knows, the in-laws have always lived in a wild tribe, never visiting their daughter, so this will be the first time they will meet her future husband. Owen and his in-laws will spend a night in a bar, where he will get drunk and reveal a couple of essential security details about the bank he manages. The day after, the bank gets robbed, and Owen is sure: Billy and Lilly are responsible.

Owen involves the FBI; he even tries to extort a confession after being wired. But soon, he discovers that Billy and Lilly are only trying to collect enough money to pay Rehan, their old partner. Rehan kidnaps Parker, so at that point, getting $5 million is the only way to save her. That’s where Owen decides to cooperate with the in-laws / out-laws and help them rob a bank. And after the first attempt fails, he decides to rob the Atlas Reserve Bank, with the best security system in town. Things may get a bit complicated here, so while watching The Out-Laws, the bank robbery may need to be explained: how did Owen manage to succeed?

His plan was quite detailed. First, he calls his parents, revealing that the day after, he will rob his own bank, demanding they won’t tell anyone. But it was a lie: he knew his parents would immediately contact the FBI. This way, the FBI agent following them will be stuck in front of his bank while he robs the other one, the Atlas Reserve Bank.

That morning, Owen asks for a meeting with Phoebe King, the Atlas Reserve Bank’s manager. He begs her to show him her security system, to learn something from it. When Phoebe opens the vault, Owen sends the agreed signal to the in-laws, triggering the robbery. He pretends he’s too scared, enters the vault, and closes the door behind him.

This means that Billy and Lilly will continue with the robbery, fighting against the police. But that’s just a diversionary tactic: Owen is the one who’s practically robbing the bank. While inside the vault, Owen fills two big bags with cash, then he uses the emergency escape system to exit the vault. Out of the bank, on a secondary street, his cousin is waiting for him, driving him (with the money) to the meeting with Rehan.

At the ending of The Out-Laws, Owen successfully arrives there and gives Rehan the money. Parker is freed. Then, in a confusing moment, Owen inadvertently kills all criminals. When the in-laws arrive, they find only Owen and Parker alive. Again, their presence there is needed to attract the police’s attention while Owen completes his plan: he returns to the vault, using the same escape way. When Phoebe King opens the door, Owen is laying on the floor, pretending to be scared: this way, nobody ever suspected him.

That’s how the bank robbery is explained in the plot of The Out-Laws: a movie that contains some funny scenes and a weird sequence of events, with a (partially) happy ending.

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