The Lincoln Lawyer S2 explained: is Lisa Trammel guilty?

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The Lincoln Lawyer has finally returned on Netflix with Season 2 in July 2023. Defense attorney Mickey Haller is back, and this time he’s dealing with a delicate case: his client is Lisa Trammel, a restaurant chef accused of murder, and the complication is that he had sex with her before she became his client, and he’s still attracted to her while he’s defending her. Part 1 of Season 2 landed on July 6, and it’s the right moment to speculate on Lisa Trammel: is she guilty or innocent? What is going to happen? In this article, we will discuss the possibilities before seeing Part 2. If you want a complete explanation of the series until Part 2 and the ending, you can read the article below.

You can watch the official trailer for The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 1 here on Youtube.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 1 explained: is Lisa Trammel guilty?

In The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, Lisa Trammel is a fascinating chef at a restaurant she owns. Mickey Haller meets her one night after eating her dishes, and they end up in bed the same night. After that, Lisa asks him to help her in a legal conflict against Mitchell Bondurant, a real estate businessman planning to build several buildings in the neighborhood, affecting Lisa’s integration in that area. Lisa supported several protests against him, and Bondurant requested a restraining order against her. Some days later, Mitchell Bondurant is murdered, and Lisa is the first suspect.

Mickey Haller, the so-called “Lincoln Lawyer,” agrees to defend Lisa Trammel without caring too much about payments. The prosecution’s case is based on a testimony that places Lisa in the murder area at a suspicious time and on some contradicting statements she made in her first interrogation. However, no evidence is provided against Lisa, at least initially. Meanwhile, Haller discovers that Bondurant was extorting money from a local gang’s boss, which introduces another possible enemy who may have killed him. In that conditions, Mickey Haller and Lisa Trammel decide to go on trial. However, Part 1 ends with the prosecution presenting crucial evidence: Mitchell Bondurant’s blood was found in Lisa’s gardening gloves. Lisa also admits she was close to Bondurant’s murder scene for other reasons. And Season 2, Part 1 of The Lincoln Lawyer comes to its ending with many doubts: is Lisa Trammel guilty or innocent?

Without spoiling Part 2 or revealing how things will go, we must admit that Lisa Trammel had several suspicious behaviors. She publicly opposed Bondurant, even releasing interviews against him, and that provides the motive. Besides that, Lisa also hid elements from Mickey Haller: she admitted she was close to the murder scene only after the testimony at the trial; she doesn’t talk about her ex-husband, keeping the mystery around her past life; and everything looks like she has a private agreement with the podcast producer Henry Dahl, which is creating problems to Mickey.

All the arguments above make us think Lisa Trammel is guilty, and even the Lincoln lawyer Mickey Haller has doubts about it at the ending of Part 1. That said, we know that every defendant is innocent until proven guilty, and we can safely say that Mickey Haller will anyway build the best defense case he can to defend Lisa. Knowing Haller’s talent, we will probably see Lisa Trammel free after the trial in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2.

However, as we already saw in the first season, a success on trial doesn’t necessarily mean that the defendant was really innocent. From this point of view, Season 2 could present again the same situation we watched in Season 1, with Mickey Haller winning the trial, the defendant being acquitted by the jury, and then the plot would reveal that Lisa Trammel was actually guilty. Both possibilities are open at the end of Part 1: Bondurant’s blood in Lisa’s gloves can be explained with the gang framing Lisa for the murder or with Lisa’s direct responsibility in Bondurant’s death.

As viewers, we are free to speculate about Lisa Trammel and her involvement in her murder before watching Part 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 lands on Netflix in August. If we want to discuss what happened next, though, this is the place to go.

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