The Gillette Labs “father and son” commercial actors

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In July 2023, the advertising world was shaken by an ad released by Gillette Labs featuring two famous personalities on social media. The commercial was shared on July 6 and presents the last Gillette razor. What’s surprising is the choice of testimonials: a father and a son talking about this product, two actors TikTok users know very well. Let’s discover them.

You can watch the Gillette Labs “father and son” commercial below.

Face Time from GilletteLabs | The Next Generation of Shaving Calls

The Gillette Labs “father and son” commercial: who are the actors?

The Gillette Labs commercial released in Jule 2023 features a father and a son talking by phone about the latest razor model, and the actors are two social media superstars: the American video creator Joe Mele and his father Frank, who often joins his comic videos. The two are a well-renowned couple on TikTok: Joe Mele’s profile “mmmjoemele” has more than 26M followers.

Joe Mele is based in New York. He lives close to his parents and often involves his father, Frank Mele, in his hilarious videos. They went viral some years ago for a video where the son “forces” his father to dress like the food critic of the 2007 Disney Pixar movie Ratatouille. You can find the original video here on TikTok. That video became so famous that magazines like Buzzfeed talked about it. And even Pixar’s official profile shared a video in 2022 where Joe and Frank Mele recreate the famous restaurant scene from the movie.

Since then, Joe Mele has kept involving his father in his sketches. The father always acts grumpy and annoyed by his son’s asks, but ultimately, he always goes along with Joe’s ideas, and their videos are always viral on TikTok. After the success of his TikTok channel, Joe Mele started involving also his girlfriend, often bringing them together. For example, Frank Mele often shows up “rating” Joe’s girlfriend’s American accent, as you can see here.

After being TikTok stars for months, Joe and Frank Mele were contacted by Gillette to play father and son in the Gillette Labs commercial. And, of course, many Internet users recognized them. They also published this satisfied video showing their reaction after watching the commercial together.

Although Joe and Frank Mele are not professional actors, they fit perfectly the easy spirit required by the Gillette Labs commercial, bringing their fanbase closer to the American personal care brand. And that’s what made this ad so successful.

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